Passionate about your home? How to make the most of smaller spaces

We are spending more time at home these days, and not all of us are blessed with all the space we want and need! With apartment living still very popular for a low-maintenance lifestyle or if you are not quite ready to upgrade their home due to financial implications, or needing to stay put for location and things like schools or jobs there are ways to ensure you are maximising your space! Let’s look at how…

Make more use of the space you have
You have only a certain amount of square footage in your home, so ensure you make more use of the space you have! Use every wall, every nook you have and be creative with how you use it. One room can have multiple uses. For example, a living room can also have a corner that could be your home office, it could have a table where children learn or do homework, and it can also be a space to socialise and spend time as a family. Making more use of the space you have means adding functionality to all the rooms you have available. 

Declutter and think logically about what you need
A smaller home will never do well with too many things, so you may need to consider decluttering or some long term storage options for things you don’t need all of the time. Seasonal clothes, furniture or sentimental items you just want to keep and even schooling supplies or things for the children may not be needed all year round, so you may want to look into storage units to see what options you have to be sensible with what you store. You might also want to look into recycling methods such as finding a place for scrap metal or making sure that you dispose of things you can’t sell in the right way. This when you may want to think about overhauling your whole home and making sure you only have in it the things you want, need and love. 

Be clever with your storage
Having a smaller home means you need to be creative with your storage. Organization boxes, shelving, and making use of smaller more awkward spaces in your home can be the ideal solution to your storage problems. Clever carpenters or even creating something yourself could help. Websites like pinterest have some great suggestions to help with some inspo to get you started!

Decorate with lighter shades
A smaller home will not appreciate being decorated in dark or very bright colors. This can actually make some of your rooms feel more enclosed, and what you are wanting to do is make a room feel larger, without it actually being. Using neutral shades or pastel colors can help you do that. 

Get rid of bulky furniture
Finally, bulky furniture could make a room feel instantly smaller, so opt for more modern and smaller pieces. You can buy things that are not as wide or as large, but still give you the functions you need. 

Implementing a few small changes can make a BIG impact on how you utilise your space wisely and how you feel when you are there.



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