How to give back, create value and make a difference with your business

Launching your own business gives you the chance to do something you love! At the same time, having your own company gives you the opportunity to add value to the world and do some good that aligns with your values and goals. No matter what your business idea is, there are always ways you can make a difference to the community as an entrepreneur. Lets look at ways to harness your passion and creativity to create a business that helps people, communities, the environment (or all of the above!)…

Be prepared to give freely
When you share your talents and time with others, you can lift them up, and help to enable them to succeed in their own right. Offering internships, launching training programs or working with young people to help them gain more valuable work experience is just one way to ensure your business is helping others. Ring fencing a portion of your profits for a charitable cause is also a great way to show your support. Alternatively, hosting fundraisers and getting involved in the community can be an effective way for local businesses to show their caring side.

Find a purpose
If you’re launching a new business, growing a company or expanding an existing enterprise, consider what markets you’re interested in. Regardless of what your specialties are, you can find worthwhile ways to develop your products and services. For example, the building design of aged-care facilities could be a great way for architects, contractors, and building firms to make a difference. Alternatively, food producers and bakers may want to commit to using sustainably sourced ingredients to help protect the environment. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to combine your interests and talents with meaningful causes.

Raise awareness
As your enterprise becomes more successful, your platform will grow. Whether you’re a well-known part of your local community or you have a large online following, you can use this platform to raise awareness of important issues. In many instances, overlooked causes gain an exceptional amount of publicity when companies commit to raising awareness. When you use your success to champion causes that are important to you, you can use your commercial success as a force for good.

Inspire others
When you make ‘doing good’ a critical part of your business ethos, it will underpin every decision you make. With this approach, you can ensure that you continue to make a difference, no matter how large your business becomes or how much success you garner. However, your impact doesn’t have to stop there. As well as doing good, your business can inspire others to make a difference and spark a chain reaction that leads to long-lasting change.

Become Part of a Social Enterprise
Many business owners who want to make a difference use their company to support social enterprises. Although you can set up your own charitable endeavors, the investment, resources, and bureaucracy associated with this can be a burden. By partnering with an established social enterprise, however, you can contribute to real change quickly, efficiently, and with meaning.



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