Should you choose an open office plan?

The design of your office space is a super important thing to consider when it comes to feeling motivated and even more present when in the office.  There is no doubt that it impacts the mood and productivity of your team. If the office is poorly designed and cluttered, your team will struggle to concentrate and carry out their tasks efficiently. This is the LAST thing you want, which is why office design should be considered carefully. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to go for an open floor plan.

Lets look at the pros and cons of this option….

You can easily incorporate next any style of desks and other furniture pieces
One of the main benefits associated with open floor plans is freedom of design. You can easily incorporate any style of furniture you see fit, from stylish desks to creating a break area with comfortable sofas and chairs. Nothing is off-limits, as you aren’t restricted by walls and awkward spaces. 

Can they be ‘unhealthier’?
Open plan office spaces could  considered unhealthier because everyone is sharing the same space, which could potentially result in illnesses being passed around more easily.

You can save a considerable sum of money
There is no denying that open-plan office spaces are considerably cheaper. If you are looking to cut your costs, this is an option well worth thinking about. You will have initial expenses if you are changing an existing office, such as the cost of removing the walls, removing rubbish (from someone like this service provider)  and purchasing suitable furniture.

They could have a negative impact on productivity
On the flip side, open plan office spaces can potentially negatively impact  creativity and productivity. Employees can become easily distracted when they are surrounded by others and if the work environment is chaotic some employees may struggle to work as effectively as usual. This can cause creativity levels to dip.

They can handle rapid changes in personnel
A benefit associated with open plan office spaces is the fact that they can easily handle changes in personnel numbers. If you have a traditional office layout, and you are expecting a growth in headcount year-on-year, you will experience problems because you are limited by the individual rooms. This is why an open-plan space is considered better for rapidly expanding businesses.

Lack of privacy
There is a lack of privacy with open plan office spaces, which can make some people feel uncomfortable. While some employees thrive in such environments, others may feel intimidated, and this can have a negative impact on their performance.

Good for brand image
An open-plan office space can be good for the brand image because they look busier and more active. This makes them more photogenic, and it will reflect well in the eyes of your customers.

There are many benefits associated with open office floor plans, from incorporating your furniture of choice to saving money. However, there are also a few negatives too, including a lack of privacy and potential drawbacks in terms of productivity. Carefully weigh up both sides to determine what solution is going to be the best for your team, workplace environment and ultimately – your biz!



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