4 daily reminders for looking after yourself

We know it’s important to take care of ourselves in different ways to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Let’s look at 4 daily reminders that are super simple but can have a BIG impact…

Correct Your Posture
Correcting your posture is one of those things that can really help with avoiding discomfort and long term damaging to integral areas of your body (like your back for example). Start to take notice when it comes to your posture and how you can improve it on a daily basis. Your workplace is likely to be somewhere that your posture may suffer because a lot of the time, you might be sitting down at a desk working. Try to have the right measures in place, including the right office furniture to keep you supported. Take regular breaks, get up and walk around so that you can stretch out your body and continue to keep your body in a more aligned way. The more you can spot bad posture and correct it, the more your body will start to do it of its own accord. Correcting posture definitely helps your body when it comes to feeling good and avoiding those aches and pains!

Move your body
Exercise is definitely something that’s important to do and doing more exercise, in general, is going to contribute to looking after yourself. Try to find exercises that you enjoy and that you will keep up on a regular basis. Regular daily exercise for at least twenty minutes is a great way to get into a positive routine and get those ‘happy post-exercise endorphins’ flowing! Exercise not only helps with your general fitness but it can also help to keep the body moving and to ensure that the muscles and joints are strong. As you age, you become less nimble and so exercise can help ensure your body is stronger for longer.

Look After Your Mental Well-being
Your mental wellbeing is essential to be aware of how you are doing in general, because it can have an underlying impact on our bodies without even realizing it. Think about how you can look after your mental health more and to avoid putting stress on your body on a regular basis. The more you can focus on your mental health, the better you’ll feel on the outside as well as the inside.

Drink water!
And finally, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. It can be easy to forget to drink it if you’ve not got a bottle handy but you should be drinking at least 1.5-2 litres of water a day. This ensures your body cleans itself out properly and that you’re feeling energized for the day. A lack of water can lead to dehydration, headaches and general fatigue.

Looking after your body is SO important, so pay attention to it when it’s needed!



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