#bethegirl with Jess, founder of Linkets

Linkets are truly passionate about helping you feel fabulous while wearing your favourite fashion trend in the most hassle-free and tangle-free way! A game changer in allowing us to enjoy the layered necklace trend, these amazing clasps are loved by models, fashionistas, boss babes, mums, daughters and festival goers alike. We sat down with the gal behind the brand Jess, to find out more about her business journey and philosophy and staying positive as a small business owner in the current climate.

Hi Jess, welcome to our #bethegirl interview series!

Let’s get straight into it…

What is your professional background?
The past few years have involved a lot of moving houses, cities and countries for my husbands work. The constant changes have been tough on our two children and so I’ve mainly been concentrating on giving them as much stability and support as I can. Things finally started to settle down by the end of last year and we have been happily making Brisbane our new home. I guess without realising it, most of my identity since having my first child has been that of a mother (which I love), but when I found myself with some spare time and headspace, it allowed me to start concentrating a bit more on myself again. What makes me happy? What is something I can be proud of? That my kids can be proud seeing me do? I have always been quite creative and entrepreneurial and am often trying out new little crafts and gaining new skills, so when I came up with the concept of Linkets it ticked all the boxes for me!

How did the idea for Linkets come about?
Part of my ‘self discovery’ once my children had settled in our new routine, was rediscovering my fashion style. I had quickly fallen into the habit of mainly wearing active wear (nothing wrong with that – I still do often!). But I soon realised that when I actually wanted to get a bit dressed up I didn’t really have anything to wear. One thing I have always loved and found could really make a big difference to an outfit is layered necklaces. I love how easy it is to change the whole look and ‘feel’ of your appearance simply by changing up the necklaces you wear with it. However, when I started experimenting with the layered necklace look, I became aware that with my more ‘active’ lifestyle (I wish I was meaning exercise – but I am talking about constantly bending down and picking up children/toys etc… haha!) my layered necklaces would end up in a terrible tangle.

I am very efficient and dislike anything that I feel is a waste of my time or energy (I guess this comes from juggling so many things being a mum!), and I was really starting to resent the fact that my outfit would look great for about half an hour and then would quickly turn into a mess of tangled chains, clasps slipping forward over my shoulder and, what started off as a lovely, polished, well thought out look would inevitably become a mess! I would always end up just taking off my necklaces due to the frustration of constantly having to re-adjust them. It was after talking to some friends and family, that I became aware that this was a universal frustration and one of the main reasons a lot of people don’t wear layered necklaces on a daily basis. So I went on a little mission to see if I could discover a solution – and that’s when my ‘third baby’ Linkets was born. What a game changer! These little clasps easily allowed me to put on and take off my multiple layered necklaces all in one go, and also kept them from tangling throughout the day.

 Tell us a bit about the philosophy behind Linkets
I believe everyone should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want – whether it is the colour of their hair, the make up they wear, the clothes they choose, or the jewellery they love. Great fashion and style should not only be reserved for models or the occasional Instagram photoshoot, but be accessible to everyone, and anyone who wants it, whenever they want it! Looking and feeling great doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Linkets our aim is to enable and empower women to wear their favourite layered necklaces, but without the frustration and tangles that usually accompany this fashion trend. I am also very aware that jewellery (and necklaces in particular) can often be very sentimental (heirlooms, special gifts, or customised pieces), and I just love hearing from our amazing customers who are once again able to wear their special necklaces because of Linkets. This honestly just makes my heart sing and makes all the obstacles we had to overcome to get to this point so worth it!

What was your experience like coming into the small business world and the most challenging hurdle you had to jump over?
Becoming a small business owner has been such an exciting transition. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time – I honestly had no idea there was so much involved in running a successful business but I am enjoying it so much. I also love my product and really believe in its value and ability to help others out, which I think is so important when running a business. My belief in how these clasps can help people has really helped me not to give up during some of the tougher times.

One of the biggest hurdles I have had to jump over is creating awareness that this product exists! There is nothing else like them in Australia or New Zealand and so people aren’t aware they are even an option to help with their layered necklaces. Getting the word out has been tough at times but once people discover them and fall in love with them it makes things a lot easier. We love hearing from our happy customers and get a lot of referrals from word of mouth.

What does 2020 have install for yourself and Linkets?
Well, there is obviously a lot going on in the world at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak and subsequent restrictions have taken their toll on so many people and businesses, and it has been incredibly heart breaking to see the devastating effects it is having on people’s lives. I realise I am incredibly fortunate to still be able to run my business at the moment, when so many are having to close down for the foreseeable future. I am really trying to remain positive during such an unstable time, but it can be a struggle when suppliers etc… are having to close down and orders are being delayed.

I am just trying to look ahead and remind myself how great things will be once this all over. The resilience and strength I have seen from those around me is such an inspiration and I know that as long as we stick together and help each other out when we can, we will be able to pick ourselves up again.

Where can we find you?
On Instagram and our website!

Thank you for sharing you journey with us Jess. Need to get your layered necklaces sorted? Linkets are perfect for date nights, important meetings, dinner with friends, shopping, photoshoots and make the perfect gift. In fact anyone who loves to wear layered necklaces (but does not want to waste time or energy removing and rearranging them during the day) will love them!


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