#bethegirl with Jackie Damelian, founder of Jackie Mack Designs

Hi Jackie, welcome to our #bethegirl interview series! Let’s begin with your professional background
A BCom Macquarie Uni Grad. Started working alongside my late husband in his Multi-Franchise Automotive business for several years. I honed my sales and marketing skills, brand and business management in a business that grew on me and fundamentally transformed my career and personal life. After a few years on a break due to unforeseen family commitments, I relaunched Jackie Mack Designs in late 2018.

What inspired Jackie Mack Designs?
Immense curiosity and wanting to create a product that women would love. The relaunch was all about challenging myself and see how far I could take it. 

What was the journey to launch like?
Looking back, it was a very long process. Over a year of designing, brand development, packaging, endless product sampling, but so rewarding in the end. 

How do you continue to stay inspired during the design process?
As the business grows it has become more challenging but creating the right space, a relaxed mood and many late nights gets my creativity going. 

What would you say has been a highlight for JMD to date?
So many to just single out one, from celebrities wearing Jackie Mack Designs to seeing a stranger wearing it on the street! But something that still warms up my heart is reading emails from Jackie Mack jewellery lovers – they are the best and a reminder of why I love what I do.

Your stunning “Sky Collection” has recently launched, what can we find in this collection?
SKY adds texture and geometric shapes to a beautifully curated ear. The range includes small and medium size Hoops and earrings Studs, you can work to work, date night or a girl’s lunch. 

What advice would you have for someone thinking of launching a business in 2020?
Get ‘unstuck’ and just ‘do it’. If you need help, reach out to people, learn and refine your skills as you make progress. This is a real full-time job, it’s non-stop and burnt out will hit you. But when you look back at what you’ve achieved, you’ll realise it’s worth it.

Personal goals for this year?
I lost the love of my life and husband almost 12 months ago and life has become extraordinarily difficult. So, be kind to myself and create a renewed sense of purpose is my daily goal.

Shop the range here and follow JDM on Instagram for all the latest releases and major style inspiration!


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