The truth about age defying treatments that actually work with Dr Kate Jameson

Today on the blog we are talking about something a bit different: medical aesthetics treatments. While we are self-isolating right now, this won’t be forever ladies so we sat down with Dr Kate Jameson, Cosmetic Physician and the Medical Director of Youth Lab, Australia’s premier medical aesthetics clinics to get the truth about new treatments that actually work. We know this is not for everyone and it is a very personal choice, but if you are interested in finding out more about aesthetic medicine and dermal therapies Dr Kate Jameson is the woman to talk to!

Kate gives us the deets on age defying trends to watch out for…

Age Defying Treatments to Watch out for in 2020
2020 will see an increased demand for non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for combating the signs of ageing and promoting healthy skin. As a busy cosmetic physician and clinic owner I am seeing the trend towards treatments that offer less down time, less side effects and results that are long lasting and effective. As these treatments increase in popularity there are always a few that stand out and I want to explore some of my favourite treatments that I think will be age defying in 2020.

Halo Laser
The Halo laser is a new generation of laser technology which utilizes two lasers in the one treatment, delivering both “ablative” and “non-ablative” results. This is the most comprehensive age defying treatment for those wanting to maximise results and target as many skin concerns in one treatment as they can. The Halo is relatively new to Australia and has been gaining momentum in the US for its outstanding results, with minimal down time. Traditionally ablative lasers, which work to essentially ablate the top layers of the skin, are associated with higher risk and longer down time than other lasers (think weeks off work with burning, peeling skin). With the Halo, this is combined with a non-ablative wavelength which improves the recovery time and adds in the benefit of further collagen stimulation.

The Halo can be used on all skin types and ages to target a number of concerns such as wrinkles, textural irregularities, scars, pores, pigmentation, deep sun damage, redness and hormonal pigmentation. Add in it’s phenomenal long term stimulation of the skin’s collagen and elastin and you have a winner. The results from Halo are evident within a few weeks with more refined skin and the undeniable “halo glow” which my patients just rave about. The skin is smoother, polished and looks airbrushed. In the following months you then see an improvement from the slow collagen production. Most people are happy following a single treatment but in skin which is new to treatment or significantly sun damaged I recommend a course of 2-3. We always advise annual maintenance with the Halo, the perfect annual skin fix for all of your anti-ageing concerns. I took a gamble by being the first clinic to introduce this amazing technology to Perth, WA and it has paid off. Our clients are so happy and I foresee this treatment becoming an age defying essential this year.

Aquagold Fine Touch Facial
Aquagold Fine Tough is the perfect introduction into cosmetic injectables. This little device contains patented microneedles made of gold which penetrate the skin to deliver customised cocktails of active ingredients to target a multitude of skin concerns. We combine these cocktails with anti-wrinkle injections and soft hydrating dermal fillers to those clients wishing to delay the signs of ageing and to improve the quality of the skin. By using microdoses of anti wrinkle injections in the Aquagold the skin is left smooth and refined as the toxin works to close the pores and prevent excess sweat and oil production in the skin. Fine lines, textural changes and scarring are also improved due to the hydrating action of the dermal filler. The end result is natural and undetectable and clients often report that their skin feels like it has been airbrushed. We also combine the solutions with customised mesotherapy which works to deliver vitamins and ingredients into the skin to treat specific concerns, these can range from depigmentation solutions, skin tightening solutions, anti-acne solutions and high concentration vitamins such as vitamin C.

We love that Aquagold is a painless treatment that essentially feels like a facial, the little needles are so tiny they can hardly be felt and aside from some mild redness the skin is left flawless and ready to take on the day. A personalised facial such as the Aquagold is perfect for those who are time poor, want instant results or those who may not yet be ready for more intense treatment such as injectables.

Fat Dissolving Injections
We were first introduced to fat dissolving injections in 2017 for the treatment of double chins. As we have advanced with this treatment we are seeing so many new indications and using these injections as part of our total face sculpting treatment plans. Fat dissolving injections will be popular this year as they are a non-surgical alternative to invasive procedures such as liposuction and are effective and permanent. We can use these injections to remove stubborn fat to the bra lines, the knees, under the arms, and around those stubborn jowls as part of a total face transformation. Fat dissolving injections are also extremely popular in men, to sculpt and define a jawline and give a younger and more masculine appearance.

Combining fat dissolving injections with dermal fillers for facial sculpting is becoming much more popular, affordable ad acceptable and I see these treatments delivering phenomenal results in 2020. Just think…if you could remove that stubborn picket of fat without the risk of surgery and in your lunchbreak, with no time off work. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Radiofrequency Microneedling
This may sound like a confusing term and treatment but basically Radiofrequency microneedling combined the best of both worlds in terms of technology. We all know microneeedling as skin needling in the form of tiny microneedle’s that penetrate the skin to induce collagen and elastin stimulation, treating scarring, texture, laxity and tone. Radiofrequency uses thermal (or heat) energy to delve deep into the skin, heating and coagulating the skin to a certain temperature which then causes a controlled inflammatory response. The end result is new collagen and elastin fibers which is why RF is excellent for skin tightening and anti-ageing. When combined in machines such as the Lutrionic Genius or the Endymed Intesif, these devices deliver the RF energy directly through the specialized microneedles, the treatment is more effective and delivers superior outcomes than either treatment alone.

I love RF microneedling for anyone bothered by early skin sagging (prevention is key here) as well as jawlines, and necks. We also see amazing results in all forms of scarring and the treatment can be performed in all skin types and colours. Think of RF microneedling as the collagen stimulator like no other, we all lose 1% of collagen every year so make 2020 your year to claim it back!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us Kate, getting the right information is the best start when considering any sort of treatment. Follow Dr Kate Jameson and Youth Lab on Instagram and head to the website for more information.


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