How to run a more Sustainable Business

Running a sustainable business these days is a non-negotiable so here we look at some ways that you can get your business up and running to be more green!

Practice green procurement
One of the best ways to make your business more environmentally friendly, is to practice green procurement. This involves sourcing services and goods that are produced and supplied in a sustainable way, such as from local suppliers, rather than ones that are located far away. This will cause minimal adverse environmental impacts and its factors in human health and environmental concerns.

Package and distribute well
Use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging for your products. Where possible, try and think of ways to reduce the packaging that you do use and scrap anything that doesn’t compromise your products quality. Think of ways to reduce your carbon footprint when sending your products out to customers as well.

Recycle and buy second hand
Ensure that you are processing your waste sustainably. If you arrange commercial bin hire then you can make sure that your waste is segregated and processed accordingly. It benefits everyone by using an environmentally friendly commercial waste management system. Where you can, buy second hand for your business. Think about what you really need to be new and what you can source that is second hand.

Shout out about your eco awareness
It’s a big thing and it’s something you should be proud of and it’s an area that your customers will also think so too. Let your clients and customers know what measures you are taking to be more green and you will hopefully find a few new customers off the back of that too. Don’t be afraid to stick with one idea though, make sure that you’re constantly evolving and growing alongside your customers. Develop some core beliefs and values and make it part of your brand. Understand how you can offer sustainable solutions, yet still offer a great product at an affordable price.

Think about the energy you use
It’s important to even think about the energy supplier that you use, not only to save money but to save the planet too. There are many renewable energy providers around now that can provide you with the power that you need, without creating even more emissions. You can even go with green web hosting companies with renewable and carbon offsetting schemes, which all make a big difference and are services that you will be using anyway. Developing green habits will become part of your business nature. Cut down on paper, by keeping what you get digitally to cut down the paper bills and always ensure that you are not needlessly leaving on lights and computers when they are not in use.

Work with people who think the same
If you’re serious about being sustainable, then you need to work like-minded people who share the same core beliefs and outlook. Develop a dedicated team who will become invested in your brand and who will also help build trust amongst your customer base and share your ethos.


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