Setting up the perfect home gym

Fitness is often so crucial to our overall health and wellbeing, but life can be so busy these days finding the time for fitness can be a challenge. If you are having trouble getting out to the gym each day, you may have considered bringing the gym to you. Finding just 20 minutes to yourself to work out at home is sometimes more manageable! You really don’t have to break the bank to create a home gym that works for you. With the right yoga mats and weights, you’re already halfway there with the best floor equipment possible. Some of the most effective exercises that you can do from home don’t require much equipment at all – just a little space!

Start With The Right Atmosphere
You need a light room to work out in if you set up a home gym. No one wants to work out in a glorified dungeon – a well-lit area will feel more inspiring and motivating. Make sure that you have as much natural light as possible flooding through and if the room has no windows make sure you have adequate lighting in place. Another great option is to add a fun and motivational eco tech LED neon sign. Put your favourite inspirational quote up in eco-friendly lights to add the wow factor to your space!

Aim For Space
Whichever room you choose to do your workouts make sure there is enough room to get them all done. From stretches while standing to Yoga and Pilates workouts, you want to ensure that you give yourself enough floor space to complete a workout routine in good time.

Add mirrors
Why is there always a mirror in the gym? To check your technique and posture. It’s not about vanity here, but about ensuring that you are lifting correctly and moving properly without possible injuries.
Mirrors will also help you to bounce the light in the room and get the light into the corners of the space. If you don’t have a particularly significant area to set up your gym, you can efficiently work in a smaller room that looks more spacious with mirrors.

Add Home Gym Storage
Shelves for storing mats, resistance bands and other equipment (depending on your set up) and adding a rack if you include weights so that they are all together and tidied away is a great solution. Storage allows you to keep your gym fresh and ready for you each time you go in.

Having a home gym will help with motivation, time management and your overall health and wellbeing. You can control how many workouts a day you do and you can buy in the equipment for your gym that you love the most. If you aren’t a cardio fiend, there’s no need to get a treadmill or static bike. You are totally in charge here when it comes to your gym, so start making a list!


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