How to be money savvy when moving house

Moving house can be one of the most stressful life events, with there being so many reasons that you might be moving…a new job, a new partner, a new university placement or simply moving onwards and upwards into a new property. Regardless of your reason, moving your whole life from one place to another can take a whole lot of time and effort. One thing that it doesn’t really have to be though, is expensive. Being as organised as possible, knowing how to save and realising that moving doesn’t have to cost a fortune is key here! If you’re planning a move, here are a few steps you can take to cut the costs…

Use Low Fee Estate Agents
If you’re selling up to move house, think about the costs involved in the process. Most people find that one of the biggest costs they incur when moving home is estate agent fees. Generally speaking, an estate agent is essential for a move. They’ll advertise your property, find potential tenants, arrange and conduct viewings and take care of the legal paperwork. But you can reduce the amount it costs to do all of these things by browsing the market and choosing the agent with the most competitive rates. Just make sure to check reviews first to guarantee others have been happy with the service the agent has provided.

Use Professional Movers
The easiest way to move is to use professional movers. Good local movers will be able to safely get your furniture, appliances and other belongings out of your home, into a van and into your new home safely and securely. This means you won’t incur costs for damage to your old property, you won’t have to repair or replace any of your belongings and you won’t incur damage in your new property that you’ll have to fork out to put right.

Ask Friends for Help
If you have experience driving a van and feel confident in your ability to load it yourself, you can save money by simply hiring a van and moving yourself. It’s always worth asking friends and family for their help. While they won’t charge, it’s still nice to get them a little thank you gift. All in all though, this is a low cost option!

While you’re going to find yourself spending a little money to move house, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Hopefully, the above advice will help to make your move as simple and as cost-effective as possible. 


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