PSA: A friendly reminder to look after your pearly whites!

Looking after your teeth is just as important as anything else when it comes to maintaining your general health and wellbeing (and something we sometime put off or don’t focus on!) We have put the three easiest ways to make sure that your teeth are well looked after and that you reduce the amount of work that needs to be done when you next head to the dentist chair!

Brush After Meals
Brushing after meals shortens how  long food sits on the surface of your teeth so  less damage can be done!  Not always practical after lunch, especially as you might not always have easy access to a toothbrush and toothpaste. There is chewable toothpaste that you can get if you’re on the move and if you would like to stick to the three times a day recommendation. When it comes to Lotus Dental Centre, they’ll be able to recommend what type of toothpaste will work best for your teeth and what they need.

Avoid Sugary Food And Drinks
The worst things for your teeth are anything acidic and sugary. This is because they end up breaking down the enamel on your teeth, leaving them exposed to a lot of sensitivity, and in some cases, could cause further damage. Try to avoid sugary food and drink where you can, making it more of a thing you occasionally have, rather than consuming on a daily basis. It can be hard as much of what we eat and drink can contain some amount of sugar. Simply try to be more conscious of what you’re using.

Floss And Mouthwash
Daily flossing and mouthwash is important to have as part of your care routine when it comes to your teeth. Toothbrushes do well to get the surface area of your teeth clean, but what about in between your teeth and also the hygiene of your gums and tongue. Floss can help remove any stubborn food that’s stuck, and mouthwash is important for flushing your mouth out of any remaining food particles while giving you a refreshing pick me up!

Looking after your teeth is important to maintaining your general health and ensuring you have a picture-perfect smile for as long as possible. Use these tips to help improve and maintain the health of your teeth ladies!


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