Does your team have equal work loads & why it matters

When it comes to your team, ideally all of your staff should be working at the same pace and with similar workloads. It’s unfair to expect one member of the team to take the majority of the work because someone else isn’t contributing as they should, right?! This can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to managing it so we’ve broken down some tips to help…

Using data
Task tracking can be a great way to understand how each of your team is performing, and task management software is worth having to ensure everyone is doing the tasks that are set out for them on a daily basis. Managers can’t always keep track of their staff and so being able to set objectives for the day and to monitor the progress on these can be effective in finding out who is working hard and who isn’t. Employee engagement is definitely something that’s worth considering to ensure that everyone is working with the same commitment to their job as their colleagues. If not, this could lead to bigger issues and not allow them to continue as they are right now.

Have Regular 1-2-1 Updates
Regular updates are important when it comes to your team and you should be having these meetings between managers and staff members. Communication is key to ensure a positive and happy work space. Making sure that every individual is comfortable within their role and they are not under unreasonable pressure when it comes to their workload is important. Everyone different so be sure to see who can handle what before making assumptions.

Provide Feedback
Staff appreciate feedback on their work, regardless of whether it’s good or constructive. Always make the seemingly ‘negative’ feedback as something that’s constructive. You want to help build your employees up, so work on your skills in delivering feedback in the most appropriate way. Sometimes you might have to repeat yourself but always use feedback as a way of tracking progress too. If you’re finding yourself telling the same thing to a person over and over again, there might be a reason why!

Listen To Other Employee Concerns
Other employees will always be vocal when they feel like something needs to be said. When it comes to your employees concerns, always listen to what they have to say, and help them where you can. There’s going to be times where you can only listen and discuss options, but in serious cases, it’s good to take action and to follow up with how they’re doing after procedures have been put in place to make it better for your staff members.

Making sure your staff are working as a tea, is vital for the happiness of all your staff and making sure they’re working together. Promote a teamwork attitude in your team and keep communication open and flowing!


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