Sitting vs standing at work?

There has been lots of chat around sitting for long periods at work increasing our risk of a range of different health problems and that it can cause poor posture. But what about people that stand all day long at work? A lot of people are switching to standing desks because they think that it’s better for their health, but the truth is, standing all day long can be just as bad as sitting for long periods! Here are some things to consider…

Muscle Fatigue
If you are on your feet all day, moving around without taking a break to sit down, you are likely to experience muscle fatigue in the legs. You may notice a lot of pain in the legs when walking around, and some tightness of the muscles. Cramping is also very common in people that are on their feet all day long. 

Joint Problems
When you are constantly on your feet, your legs take all of the weight, and that can lead to joint problems. The knees and hips are working hard when you walk around all day long without a break, and that can lead to premature wear and tear, and joint issues. If you do not do anything about it, this joint pain will only get worse and could increase your chances of developing serious issues in later life. 

Foot Pain
Your feet can also be damaged by long periods of standing. If you are walking around a lot, you may develop blisters on back of feet, especially if you are wearing ill-fitting shoes. Rubbing shoes can also lead to hard spots of skin called corns. If left untreated, these can become very painful and make it difficult to move around and get on with your work day. Another unfortunate result of in correct shoes is corns and calluses. Consistent foot care or professional care can help and prevent them from growing large enough to become a problem, click here to read more.

Back Pain
A lot of people switch to standing desks because they are concerned about back pain from sitting, but standing can be just as bad! If your legs are fatigued, a lot of the weight will be taken by your back instead, and that can lead to tight muscles and back pain. It is also important to remember that standing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have good posture. If you are on your feet all day but you do not stand correctly, you will still suffer from back pain. 

How Can You Avoid These Problems?
The problem is not really with sitting or standing, it is that the body does not like to be in the same position all day long. That is why it is important that you try to sit and stand throughout the work day. When you are trying to design a functional work space, try to organize it so you can work in multiple positions. Stretches can help to loosen your muscles and help you to avoid leg and back pain as well.  


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