How to simplify your recruitment and find the right fit for your business

Recruitment is a necessity for businesses and it’s important that when you are searching for your next amazing addition to the team, you find the right fit with less stress and with efficiency! Let’s dive into some super helpfyl tips to help make recruitment easier for your business.

Know Exactly What You Want
A good place to start is with what’s going to make the process as simple as possible and that’s knowing what you want for the role and the company as a whole. A lot of businesses will want to recruit for roles, but when it comes down to what daily tasks and skills that they want the person to focus on, essentials can be overlooked and that can hold back the process even more! So start off by knowing exactly what you want and thinking about the finer details that are going to matter when it comes to deciding between the shortlist of superstars that have been called back for a second or third interview. Have it written down exactly what you are looking to find in both the role and the person. It’s important you have both of these clear in your mind and anyone else who is involved in the recruitment process is on the same page. It can help prevent wrong decisions and ultimately not filling the role successfully.

Choose The Right Job Advertising Options
When picking out where to advertise the job, it’s essential that you focus on the right platforms that are going to get your job in front of the eyes of the right applicants. So think about the type of industry you’re in and whether there are any unique job agencies or representatives that will have the audience to find those individuals who you want when it comes to sifting through the applications. It can make a big difference, and if you manage to get those applications through quicker, it will also help to speed up the process in parts. Try not to pay for too much advertising as it can become very expensive, very quickly and you also want to make sure you’re not making more work for yourself in the process. UX testing tool for ecommerce with User Zoom might be handy to work with when it comes to making a recruitment drive easier for you.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage
Social media is so important to take advantage of when trying to promote that you’re looking for and have on offer. If you have a strong following, you might need to pay very little when it comes to advertising the job elsewhere. The online world can have a huge influence, and when it comes to social media, that can be effective when it comes to getting your content out there. A job advertisement can be a great thing to get to your followers because they’ll have friends, colleagues and family members who they may believe is a perfect for the role. The more active and engaged followers you do have, the easier the process it will be for you to find those individuals who are perfect for the company.

Hire In-House
Recruiting outside of the company is a given, but it’s also good to advertise internally first to encourage interest from your current team. You might be surprised at who shows interest in the role, and it could actually be a perfect match for what you’re looking for. Hiring in-house can be a benefit, so have a think about who would be interested before it then goes out to the general public. It’s a good idea to explore both options for fresh motivation, skills and experience and to avoid bias when it comes to hiring someone who already works for you.

Create A Good Interview Process
The interview process is critical, because it can easily become something that’s too over the top. Pick the right amount of interview rounds so that you get everything you need to make the decision, but not too many that it de-motivates your interviewees. Two to three rounds is standard and the interview process should be effective from start to finish. Prepare strong interview questions and consider a practical component. You want to get this right, as this may be key to finding the right fit.

Be Ruthless With Your Picks!
Being ruthless with your picks starts when you have a number of people who are all perfect for the role, it’s just about figuring out who is the best of the bunch. Think beyond just the skills and the capability of the job, you are also matching the personality of the person with the company and in particular, the department they’re going into it. It’s essential that they will have a similar personality that will get on with everyone else now and vice versa. You could end up having the perfect candidate, but if they’re not going to get on with your current team, then there could be some problems.

When it comes to simplifying the recruitment process aim to streamline it where possible, think of all the finer details to begin with and then tailor the advertising so that the job advert goes to the right people. Be ruthless with your decision-making and don’t draw it out for too long that it becomes off-putting or frustrating for the applicants.

We hope these tips have helped whether you are recruiting for your business or it is part of your career role and responsibilities. Best of luck with it all ladies!  


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