Thinking of starting a business in 2020?

In the modern biz world, the landscape is a far more a level playing field these days. But from the perspective of budding businesswomen who are ready to go to launch this year, it can still seem somewhat unbalanced and well…overwhelming! If you are looking to start at the bottom and launch your business in 2020, what does it take to build a business empire? Here are 4 simple but effective tips to get you started…

Know Your Marketing Plan
For any business to make significant traction at the outset, the right promotional tactics and a combination of brand and knowledge are critical! A marketing plan should be front and centre with a variety of different approaches. Depending on your product and market, exhibiting your business in a trade show can make significant inroads. A business that has limited scope one day can go to a trade show and find themselves completely transformed the next. It takes planning and time, but there are resources like Infinity Exhibits that can help you out especially when it comes to the details like setting up your display. Partner this with tactics that will get you to your target audiences, like Search Engine Optimization and advertising on the right social media platforms for a well rounded marketing presence.

Be Assertive
It’s not always going to be an easy journey! Remember that if you want to achieve your goal, stay focused on the end product. Having a strong mindset is key whether it’s in relation to making changes in structure or support or pushing into a new direction. As we start to push ourselves into industries that have not had a female presence for decades a strong mindset is a must!

It’s Not About Gender Conflict
Learning to make an impact as a successful businesswoman can make you think about the gender imbalance particularly in certain industries. Make your  mark by thinking that it’s about business success rather than showing others you can work as well as them. Don’t lower yourself!

Understand What You Want To Achieve
One of the simplest questions we need to ask ourselves when starting out is defining our end goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to make an impact in a specific industry so your voice can be heard but once this has been achieved, where do you go? Building a business is like a Lego set, you can always add extra pieces. Once we’ve achieved our goals there will always be another mountain to climb. Being a woman in the business landscape could mean overcoming certain gender bias. And once you’ve made your mark you might not think there’s anything else to achieve. But at this point, this is when you start to give back. Inspiring others to follow your lead or make their own path can be about spreading the message to fellow women in biz!

Starting a business can be challenging but also so rewarding. We are so fortunate to live in a modern society where we can all make our mark, regardless of the industry but gender diversity and equality plays a big part in that! If you want to start building a business think about these four components.

“I encourage every young woman that I can to achieve her dreams, to never stop being persistent in her pursuit of happiness and to remain resilient in the fight to put as much glass on the floor as possible as we shatter every glass ceiling above us. That is my goal” – Star Jones


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