How you can help during an environmental crisis

In Australia and around the world we have felt the devastating effect of the bush fires that are affecting our beautiful country, our people, wildlife and our planet at large. It can be overwhelming and confrontational, but it is essential that we all get involved and do what we can, no matter how big or small…it all counts and we are stronger together!  As women we generally use our intuition and natural instincts to keep things under control and moving forward. But what about in an environmental crisis? What can you do to help those that need it and make sure you’re contributing to the solution? Here are 3 ways you can make a difference and contribute to help protect our beautiful home.

Sometimes, all you can do to help is donate. If you can’t be somewhere physically, donating even just a little cash could help the cause and show your support. The Australian fires cause needs as much attention and donations as possible right now. Charities are working around the clock to keep things under control. 2,000 homes and over a billion animals have been lost.  Even just the cost of your daily coffee will make a difference! TDP has donated to WIRES and there are so many more organisations out there to donate to.

Volunteering where you can is also an amazing way to help and show your support. You may not be able to to travel to affected areas, but fundraising is another option to give your time generously to make a difference. 

Many people will look for information and vital resources and want to see things from another perspective. Educate others, whether it is across your social channels, through your business or at work – just ensure you are correctly informed and sharing current, useful and helpful information.

This might help bring some context to crisis and emergency management from a global perspective…

take a look at this infographic

Together, we can make a difference!


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