Streamlining your business in 2020

It’s a new year and what better way to start than with plans to streamline the way your business works and make life more manageable? If you run a company, you’ll know all too well that every day involves juggling several balls at once! The good news is that there are simple ways of reducing stress and making your day to day operations more efficient and effective. Let’s look at 3 things you can consider implementing in your biz right now to kick start 2020 right!

Invest in new technology and software
Technology has changed the way we work and in many cases, it can save businesses time, effort and money! If you’re behind the times in terms of the software, machinery or technology you’re using, making new investments could have an incredibly positive impact. Consider the benefits of allowing staff to use innovative HR software to check and book leave rather than sending emails to and fro, or installing systems that enable you to make video calls instead of flying to other cities or countries to have meetings.

You could also consider utilizing those companies out there who can provide advertising for your business. Technology and the online world is a popular format for many individuals across the world and when it comes to advertising, it trumps most traditional media. Facebook Ads for realtors can be essential when it comes to selling property and is just one example of how an industry can benefit from paid online adverts. Regardless of where your business is as an industry, everyone can benefit from social media advertising in order to pull in the customers. 

These are just three super simple examples of changes you could implement in the office to improve efficiency, save time and cut costs!

Promote collaborative working
If you employ a team, the aim is to encourage individuals to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes. There are several strategies you can employ to promote collaborative working and ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives. Organize regular meetings, encourage face to face contact and ensure your employees have access to spaces that are geared towards group activities. One of the most crucial things to get right as a business manager is identifying clear goals and ensuring that every person is aware of what they should be doing. Providing clarity and making sure the team has the tools, equipment and technology they need can prevent confusion, eliminate mistakes and ultimately speeds up operations.

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular, and it can be an effective means of tackling tasks more efficiently and effectively. Outsourcing involves working with external agencies or companies or hiring freelancers. It offers an alternative to adding to your core staff team. When you outsource, you can access skills you don’t already have and pass on jobs that aren’t fundamental to the daily running of the business. Outsourcing enables your staff to focus on the most important tasks and it can save you time at the same time as improving results. If you don’t have an IT support department for example, taking advantage of managed IT services gives you access to advice and help whenever you need it without taking on new members of staff. When looking for agencies or businesses to work with, always check credentials and examples of previous work.

Running a business comes with it’s challenges, but there are simple ways of making tasks more manageable. Technology can play an integral role in saving time, energy and money and encouraging collaborative working and team work has so many benefits! If you lack skills you need on your team, or you’re spending time doing jobs that aren’t fundamental to the success of the business, outsourcing could also prove hugely beneficial. 

What will you be thinking about introducing to your biz to streamline in 2020?  Let us know below!


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