#mymoderncareer interview with Priscilla, founder of Bangn Body

#mymoderncareer interview with Priscilla, founder of Bangn BodyPriscilla Hajiantoni could never find skin care products that worked for her skin type, which started her idea for multi-use, vegan friendly and result driven products. Bangn Body launched in March this year and it was long two year journey from idea, to a beautiful product, to thriving brand! I was very fortunate to chat to Priscilla about the inspiration for Bangn Body, skin care and her new products.

What inspired you to create your own skincare?
From a young age I didn’t have the glowing, baby soft skin like my peers. I struggled with bumps, breakouts and pigmentation throughout my teenage years and I couldn’t find anything that really worked. Once I hit my 20’s I was even more obsessed with skin and beauty than ever before. When I spotted one pimple I would freak out and try everything to make it go away, which ended up really dampening my self confidence. I then realised the more product I was putting on my skin the worse it became. This was the light bulb moment. I couldn’t find a brand that had multi-purpose products that was suitable for the face and body and filled with natural ingredients that actually worked – so I decided to create my own!

Tell us a bit about Bangn Body and the vision behind the brand…
The philosophy behind Bangn Body is self care is self love and beauty should be simple but super effective. Bangn Body aims to create multi-purpose, firming and anti-ageing products that are relatable, purposeful and results driven. Each product is carefully created with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients to enhance your natural glow and provide a solution to your skin now and for the future.

What was the most important aspect you felt was missing from skincare you had used in the past and you wanted to incorporate into your brand?
Simplicity but effectiveness! As the years went on I become more time poor, more overwhelmed with skincare and uncertain on what I should be using on my skin. I wanted to simplify the process with multi-purpose, time-saving, super effective products that deliver results.

The Bangn Body tubes are all 100% recyclable, which is amazing! Was this an essential feature when creating your packaging?
Yes! This is an essential part of our brands ethos and contribution to trying to do our part in reducing our carbon foot print. Packaging is a tricky one, as it is an important feature in capturing your customers attention before they purchase. With plastic there are more options to be creative, however wasn’t an option for me. Our custom made 100% Aluminium tubes have BPA free lining and are able to not only help the environment but also help the formula stay fresher for longer.

What was the most challenging part about starting Bangn Body?
Keeping up with demand and finding balance would be the two challenging parts of starting Bangn Body! I am so passionate about Bangn Body and helping my customers that I forget to take time out for me, I am starting to learn you can’t pour from an empty cup and taking time out to recharge and rest is an essential part of business growth. Learning to take time out to recharge and refuel has  been challenging as I love Bangn Body and my customers so much.

#mymoderncareer interview with Priscilla, founder of Bangn Body

“I am so passionate about Bangn Body and helping my customers that I forget to take time out for me, I am starting to learn you can’t pour from an empty cup and taking time out to recharge and rest is an essential part of business growth.” 

A skincare product can you not live without (besides your own, of course)?
A good cleanser! Fresh clean skin is essential for me before applying Bangn Body!

What tips would you give to anyone struggling with their skin and self-confidence?
Tips and advice I would give is to always remember that you are beautiful know matter your current skin concerns. Simple skincare is more effective. We tend to think the more we apply to our skin the better it will become. This isn’t always the case, skin needs to breath and if we overload it with too many products our skin will start to become overwhelmed.

You’ve just brought out two new products: the Smooth Skin Scrub and the Lip and Eye Beauty Balm! Why did you want to add these to your collection?
The purpose for creating these two products is to follow our philosophy of skincare should be simpler yet super effective! I wanted to ensure all products are carefully curated to target multiple skin concerns and deliver multiple purposes. I love merging ideas of cult fave products to create multi-perfecting, results driven Bangn Body products. #mymoderncareer interview with Priscilla, founder of Bangn Body

Our Smooth Skin Scrub combines two faves and acts as a 2 in 1 – scrub and mask. We love multi-purpose products that deliver results and give you the ultimate glow! Our face and body coffee moose scrub combats dry, bumpy and dull skin in minutes by removing dead skin cells while hydrating the skin. Formulated with antioxidant-rich extracts and Australian Kaolin white clay to detoxify pores, banish breakouts and reduce scarring, while helping to nourish & renew skins tone and texture.

Our Lip and Eye Beauty Balm is the ultimate time saving, multi-perfecting beauty balm to nourish and hydrate delicate lips and brighten eyes. Formulated with Australian Finger lime extract and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate, soothe and soften lips, and brighten dry, tired eyes on the go, acts as soothing day protector and nourishing night lip mask.

Thank you so much Priscilla for taking time to chat about Bangn Body and all things skin care. Follow Priscilla and Bangn Body for more amazing skin care tips and tricks!

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