Health coach Darian Bates is arming women with the knowledge to find their true strength

As a female health coach both online and at Goodlife Health Clubs, Darian Bates believes women deserve to be living their best life – full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence!  Darian has been in the health and fitness industry for five years, and is dedicated to helping people who are suffering from anxiety, depression and feelings of self-doubt. Darians own painful experiences, coupled with her professional training, gives Darian the expertise to help people turn their lives around and create new rituals and habits for themselves. Transition is not easy, but it is achievable.  We spoke with Darian all about her mission to arm women with the knowledge to find their true strength!

Darian, what is the most common thing you experience as a women’s health coach and why do you think it can be difficult for women to make the right decisions when it comes to their health and fitness?

One of the most common things I continually experience is women being unable to make the right decisions on their health because the right information or resources haven’t been available when it was perhaps most important to them! They continually make misinformed or misguided decisions directly related to treating their symptoms rather than the root cause and fall into a negative feedback loop.  The presumption that the solution for happiness is as simple as eating less, training more and losing weight – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Tell us about your own struggles and journey that led you to your path of helping others, particularly women with health and wellness?
At 15 years of age, 165cm tall and weighing only 29kg, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.  Subsequently admitted to ICU with a near-fatal heart rate of 28bpm, doctors doubted I would survive.  Somehow, I did.  I spent weeks in coronary care followed by months in an eating disorder ward and on the Butterfly program. I was also re-admitted in hospital. I became very secretive and caused my family great anguish.

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What happened next and what was the breakthrough that helped you personally?
At age 19, on a whim, I attended a boxing class.  I loved it. The coach insisted I must gain weight to continue training. With this goal in mind, I gained 5kg, bringing my weight to 45kg.  Boxing became my saviour and I competed in four boxing matches. I also trained as an exercise professional and obtained qualifications in nutritional medicine and health coaching.


Tell us all about your 8-week online course, designed to empower women through an education platform
I have developed an 8 online week course to empower women through an education platform. We have 6 of the leading specialist involved; Ryan Hassan, Holly Sinclair, Ali Parkerson, Alannagh Pooley, Jake Carter, Jordan Shallow and myself delivering the most up to date and necessary research. Our philosophy is to empower women with strength and knowledge.  Our “Women’s Empowerment Series” gives you complete clarity on how to feel your best, every single day.

Our “Women’s Empowerment Series” gives you complete clarity on how to feel your best, every single day. 

What you will learn during the 8 week course…

  • Set actionable goals for yourself and achieve them easily
  • ​Overcome traumatic feelings that hold you back from being your best self
  • ​Combat depression and anxiety so you can greet each day with energy to burn
  • ​Reduce painful periods, PMS, irregular menstruation or menopause
  • ​Understand hormones affect your wellbeing at every stage of your life
  • ​Recover from eating disorders in a sustainable way
  • ​Conquer gut issues like bloating, IBS and inflammation
  • ​Use training secrets to get the most from your body type

And so much more!

One piece of advice if struggling with health, wellness and fitness right now?
Believe you can become the person you aspire to be. Start your journey now.

Reserve your spot find out all the deets to start your journey this December here!

Thank you so much Darian for sharing your amazing story and journey with us – we are so on board with your philosophy to empower women with strength and knowledge.

This article is written from personal experiences, opinions and interpretations. If you feel like any of the points talked about in this article are relevant to you or are affecting you in any way, please always seek advice from a professional in the relevant field.



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