#mymoderncareer interview with Sarah V. Bondzie, creator of Bonne Vue Eye Vitamins

Sarah V. Bondzie always knew she wanted to pursue a career in science and became fascinated with Optometry. Trying to increase awareness about eye health, Sarah decided to create her own Vegan, all natural eye multivitamins called Bonne Vue. I spoke to Sarah about her upcoming launch, the inspiration behind the brand and the importance of women in the science industries.

What drew you to start a career in science and Optometry?
I come from a family of medical professionals. My Mother is a Family Nurse Practitioner and my Dad is a Pharmacist. I always knew somehow or someway I’d end up doing something in regards to science. In my first year of University, I took up nursing not knowing I would eventually switch majors to Neuroscience. I started loving the science behind psychology and what made us react or think the way we do. As I indulged myself within the knowledge I was accumulating, the topics taught of the occipital lobe (part of the brain associated with visual processing) drew me in. Shortly after, I was given the opportunity to work one on one with Optometrist all throughout the tri-state area. I learned so much but most importantly the value of what having vision truly is. The more involved I was, the more ideas came to mind as to how I can help the world improve their vision.

Tell us a bit about Bonne Vue multivitamins and how it got started…
Bonne Vue was a lifestyle way before it became an eye vitamin and multivitamin supplement. Bonne Vue was subliminally worn as protection. Protection as in my love for sunglasses, glasses, beautiful views, and herbal medicine. Protection for my overall vision and health I should say. It took a turn one day while viewing the skyline at the four seasons hotel in Philadelphia, PA with my Husband. While gazing at all of the lights from each building and having this beautiful city right in front of me, I thought about the vast amount of people that aren’t able to enjoy the gift of seeing. There is just so much power that comes with vision. The whole world is built for the sighted but yet we take advantage of maintaining our eye health. Whether it be stepping outside on a sunny day without sunglasses, sleeping in with your contacts on, to not properly cleaning the mascara off of our eyelashes. It was at that moment an eye vitamin came to mind that I felt should maintain eye health and improve vision overtime with a holistic approach. What better way to make use of it than to name it “Bonne Vue”, meaning good or beautiful views in French. As a Haitian-American, our language is like broken up french and definitely wanted to incorporate that in there. I called up a few friends of mine the next day asking for there advice and now we’re here!

What are you most looking forward to about launching BVE?
As a creative in the realm of pharmaceuticals, I am looking forward to all of the products I will create down the line on top of BVE capsules. There is so much room for expansion that I am extremely grateful for. A few spoilers is that not only will Bonne Vue come in capsules, but I am working on different flavored powders and formulas that’ll give more variety in the ways you can consume the product and also target specific problems for the eye like dry eye. Lastly, I plan on creating cleaning beauty products to effectively clean the eye area after each makeup use. I am all about looking my best and especially when it comes to applying lashes from time to time. But if your eye lashes and eye lids are not cleaned properly, there are high chances of eventually waking up with conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eyes (red eyes). Luckily, BVE supplements aid in maintaining eye health. In case those eye fighting agents are down, were basically giving you a daily boost in one capsule.

What are the health benefits of BVE?
The benefits one would gain from taking BVE supplements are eye hydration, vision loss reduction, reduced inflammation, and a brighter sclera over time. I’ve been working extremely hard by researching and testing out the best minerals and vitamins possible to maintain the health of the eye. Since I’m in the field of optometry, I decided what better way to produce the best product than to team up with my father who is a supervising Pharmacist that specializes in compounding medications (including making capsules). Till this day the components make him and I of awe! I wanted BVE to be as natural as a tulip bath picked from the finest flower farm and I am so glad we stuck to this vegan based  supplement! In case your wondering where it’s manufactured, it’s manufactured at my father’s pharmacy located in New York.

Do you think there is a lack of advocation for eye health? How does your work strive to change that?
#mymoderncareer interview with Sarah, creator of Bonne Vue multivitaminsTotally! This mainly has to do with unawareness and not being able to afford eye care. Globally, 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment and of these, at least 1 billion people have a vision impairment that could have been prevented. This is not to say that majority of the weight is in rural communities and low income families. How BVE will play its part in reducing this number all depends on you and I. For every bottle purchase, seven out of your thirty-seven capsules will be given to an individual around the world that lacks vision care. If we can get to these communities and provide them the necessary vitamins for their overall health and eye care, it can in return create a better society overtime for ones community. Socially, economically, and physically can someone benefit from gaining better eye sight than he/she once had before.  Every customer will play a vital role in that. Bonne Vue’s partnerships are in progress and so humbled by the open doors we’ve be given. Areas we plan to send BVE capsules are  Canada, Indonesia, Haiti, Gambia, Ghana and much more.

“For every bottle purchased, seven out of your thirty-seven capsules will be given to an individual around the world that doesn’t have access to vision care.”

Why do you think it is important to have women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industries?
Women come with creativity and a child-like nature that will never go away. It’s always a plus when we have a women’s input on a product, therefore influencing the products development. Often women don’t feel like they belong, but you cannot fear what was never created. If you have a passion for something, fuel it with curiosity and just drive. But always remember, “whatever you do, be a good one”. – Abraham Lincoln

What are the plans for yourself and BVE in the future?
Other than creating more formulas, I could see Bonne Vue as a luxury eyewear for prescribed lenses. Until then, will be taking steps from BVE to customer and to someone around the world. I’m truly excited to see what’s ahead and all of the before and afters it will come with. A prime example would be ones eye sight, the before and after of a whiter sclera (white part of the eye) and so on. There was so much love put into BVE capsules that I cannot wait till BVE capsules receives love back in tenfolds.

Huge thank you to Sarah for sharing your journey and giving us a little sneak peak of your brand before its debut. Follow Sarah and Bonne Vue‘s socials for all the latest updates and the exciting launch in January 2020!

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