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AmeliaImagine getting two and half years into your degree and feeling uncertainty creep in that it wasn’t quite right for you?  Amelia Aitkin-Deane has experienced this first hand, so decided not to ignore it but to embrace it, which has led to a flourishing career in Digital Marketing!  We absolutley love Amelia’s positive vibes and realness, so had to find out more from this inspiring gal!  Read more to find out all about Amelia’s career journey so far and some invaluable advice across motivation and fitting in some weekly fitness in our latest #mymoderncareer interview!

Tell us about your career journey so far?
​My career journey has been quite… eventful haha. When I completed high school, I went right into a Bachelor of Pharmacy as my interests during school leaned toward allied health and chemistry. After 2 and half years in this degree I began to feel really uncertain about whether this was the career path for me. If you follow me you’ll know that I am very alternate in my healing practices and way of life so a Pharmacist didn’t really align with this and as I ventured more into the world and what is out there in terms of a career, this lack of alignment was really hard to ignore. After landing a job in Event Management and Marketing for a well-known Australian Fitness Influencer, my love for this side of business development and creativity was lit. From here I enrolled into a Bachelor of Business majoring in Event Management and Marketing (I finish in October woop woop!) and since then have worked casually in a Government Event Management role and a private event venue. As much as I value and love the adrenaline of planning events, it is a very full on career and something I could see being tricky to withhold in the future when I start thinking about family life. With this in mind, I really did want to find myself in a marketing position… and I guess this kind of leads onto question number two!

What is your current role and what does it entail?
​I am the Digital Marketing Manager for a well-known ecommerce business ‘Breezebalm’ as well as managing bookings of a personal brand ‘Sammy Leo’. I look after all related social accounts and platforms, EDMs, influencer engagement, strategies behind new product campaigns, web designs, content creation – the list goes on. Breezebalm although highly successful is still very much a start-up business and thus my role being super diverse, which I absolutely love!

Best thing about your career right now or to date and a career highlight?
​I think being approached for this marketing role was a huge highlight for me and super flattering as I take a lot of pride in the work, I do so it being recognised from afar was incredible. I honestly feel like every day I have a new highlight but being in a position where I can be creative is awesome and also seeing huge positive responses from marketing campaigns is really, really cool.

“Being really specific with what you want in a career or job, writing it down, setting intentions and telling people is a huge motivator for me.”

We love the good vibes but also the realness on your ‘gram @thehappyemployee! What do you do personally when you are feeling not so motivated or any tips or tricks you have for our career gals?
​Thank you, that is so sweet! I think being really specific with what you want in a career or job, writing it down, setting intentions and telling people is a huge motivator for me. Marketing especially can almost seem like there’s no end, so creating weekly/monthly goals for your personal satisfaction has helped me a lot.

Fitness is a part of your weekly routine, what is your favourite ‘go-to’ work out if you are short on time but want to make it worthwhile?
​Oooo, this is a tough question! It honestly depends how I’m feeling on the day, sometimes it can be a 30-minute walk or other times an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style circuit which is more focused on HIIT. If you haven’t tried an AMRAP workout before – give it a go! Pick 7 different exercises (usually I do a mixture of resistance and conditioning), your measurement for each exercise (e.g. reps, cals, seconds) and repeat each exercise back to back for a total of 30-45mins and see how many rounds you can pump out! It’s hard!

“Breezebalm although highly successful is still very much a start-up business and thus my role being super diverse, which I absolutely love!”

What’s on your agenda for the rest of 2019?
As I mentioned previously, I will graduate from my degree which, as I work full time and study full time will be a major weight lifted off my shoulders – and so damn exciting, I feel like I’ve been studying for my whole life haha! I’m keen to really hone in professionally with this degree, make connections and build a little bit of profile I guess within this industry. Career aside, I’m personally working toward investing in property with my partner, taking really great care of my health and wellness and just having fun! A huge goal of mine this year was to inject fun and play into more aspects of my life – something I think a lot of us can do for our mental well-being as well as not forgetting the power of a good old belly-laugh or taking life too seriously.

Thank you so much Amelia for sharing your career story so far and giving us some valuable tips for motivation plus work out advice for busy gals! BIG congrats on your upcoming graduation and thank you for all of your good vibes and positive energy! 

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