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IMG_3105Finally…a wellness membership that allows you to socialise and feel the sense of community but all from the comfort of home or your chosen space.  We’re talking about Yoga LIVE, an amazing initiative from Helen Sian India. Read more to find out all about it, why the convenience of fitness at home is on the rise plus how TDP readers can sign up for a free month to try it out for yourself!

Hi Helen, thank you for sharing your Yoga LIVE story with us! Tell us all about it…
Well! Yoga LIVE is a community of women practicing yoga at home with me. The group gives you the opportunity to feel like you’re going to a regular yoga class but with the freedom and ease of being at home. So you can roll out of bed and start the day with a 20 minute session with myself to get your mental health on top from the start. Women in the group love their sense of progression and achievement and feel more capable to handle work, kids and stressful decisions when they’ve done a session. It’s accessible, practical and affordable because it’s $10 a month. And it’s great for the times we want to be sociable but don’t have the mental energy to leave the house and actually socialize…

The ladies love it, and I’m so incredibly grateful and inspired by them all.

We love the ‘community’ focus of the wellness membership, how is this beneficial and what can we expect in terms of this element?
Me too! What I love most is we can all stay in the comfort of our own home as we push ourselves out of our mental and physical comfort zones with yoga, but still feel like we’re part of a group. So we’re able to learn about ourselves, and keep progressing in a safe space. It’s lovely being able to say hello as I see members pop up live, and hear the amazing comments after the ladies have done a session. It’s also a beautiful space to share our own advice and experiences which is really helpful!

Studies show that consumers are looking for the convenience of fitness at home now more than ever, and inclusivity is a great way to reduce mental and physical stress. How does Yoga LIVE support this movement?
Yes! It supports it in every way possible! We run such busy lives, and are bombarded by so many things that it’s hard to consistently stay on top. The world demands lightening speed responses to everything and it can feel super overwhelming, very quickly. But when you have the opportunity to look after yourself first, and mentally and physically slow down, without worrying about travelling somewhere, parking and overthinking what others are thinking about you, you can put all these worries in their place. A simple 20 minute session done in the morning, or before you go to bed at night can be the complete difference between anxious thoughts and stress and a calm, easy-going day. And that’s what Yoga LIVE does.

What are the different types of yoga classes on offer and the benefits of them?
We do 3 different sessions: Empower, De-Stress and Neutralise. Each session is similar in that we cover stretches and strength but they all have a different focus. Empower is all about confidence building and growing strength and core. I like to think this one is all about tightening and toning our minds and bodies! De-Stress is exactly as it sounds, it’s a little more relaxing so we can let go of the negative thoughts and stressful day and invite in more good vibes and happiness. And Neutralize is a beautiful balance of the two! We play around with focus here, so you always walk away feeling more grounded with more balance and clarity.

What do you enjoy the most about yoga and teaching classes?
Individually, it helps me stay happy and keeps my anxiety and stress at bay. Without yoga, my mind goes crazy and I start thinking the whole world is against me. After I’ve decided I’m worth a 20 minute session I feel on-top again. And teaching feels incredible because I can see and hear the calm and satisfaction of a student after. There’s such beauty in helping others feel their best, and I love how I can do that through yoga.

We’ve all heard the saying “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga!”…what’s your advice to those who think that?!
You never hear ‘I’m not strong enough to go to the gym’ so why is it any different with yoga?! We go to yoga to get flexible, and learn that actually it’s our brains that need a good stretch-out…! Yoga isn’t all about flexibility either, it’s a workout in itself! Typically, our bodies either favour strength or flexibility and yoga can tick both those boxes – I’m naturally flexible so I find the strength stuff hard, but I have so many members that are naturally strong queens and struggle with touching their toes! But it’s the progression towards that that gets you feeling great, and the sense of achievement when you reach your goal is like no other.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Helen! To find out more, you can head to the website and great news….all The Daily Pretty readers get a month FREE to Yoga LIVE! Use the code TDP when requesting to join, and remember all group questions are mandatory! Join here:

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