Stop waiting for the ‘right’ time…

Niki Spivey, founder of Mermaids and Astronaughts with Bette!

They say that timing is everything, something my husband and I have completely shunned with our latest career moves! As we approach 40 and many of our peers are starting to feel pretty comfortable with where they’re at in life and are doing things like kitchen renovations or taking ski trips, we are experiencing the direct opposite. Eighteen months ago we both walked away from what we’d done for the last twenty years! I am no longer ‘a teacher’ now and he isn’t ‘a geophysicist’ anymore either; meaning we have no reliable income at all. It sounds crazy, but we chose to do this, so it has not taken us by surprise. We made the call to each take on something totally new, totally terrifying and totally challenging financially at the same time. Continue reading “Stop waiting for the ‘right’ time…”

Business journey: Saski Collection

Tammy Hembrow, Founder and CEO of Saski Collection

What happens when one of Australia’s leading fitness mentors and entrepreneurs  designs a luxury athleisure label to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym? Saski Collection.  Created by Tammy Hembrow for women with a passion for fitness and fashion with a focus on strength and style, Saski Collection is so much more than just a label. From empowering women through confidence to work towards their goals, supporting important society campaigns such as anti-bullying, to fostering a creative and positive work culture at their stunning Gold Coast based HQ, this is one Australian business that is not slowing down any time soon! We take a look at the business journey so far from launch day to the recent launch of the on-trend Neon collection.

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Cassandra Anderson: Illustrator & Artist

Cassandra Anderson (photo credit @donna_fortune_photography)

Rediscovering a passion for creativity and art has turned into a career for Cassandra Anderson, a super talented Australian based illustrator.  Feeling unfulfilled after completing a Commerce Degree and literally one day before starting a corporate role, some spare time spent drawing some fashion figures put everything into motion and has led to a collab on an  upcoming coffee table book! Read more about Cassandra’s journey in our latest #mymoderncareer interview!
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