Modern business planning with Simone Barter, Founder of The White Walls Project

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With a design studio, three fashion stores and an online fashion website plus now starting The White Walls Project, Simone Barter is a total #bethegirl entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience of running creative businesses and being self-employed.  Add into the mix being mumma of twin girls who are now tweens, Simone knows all about what it takes to push through the hard times and enjoy the fabulous times while staying true to YOUR path.  Read more to find out what inspired TWWP, how women can make other women stronger and the power of fearless strength!

Tell us about the inspiration behind TWWP and how it all came about?
Two parts that fuelled my soul to start TWWP was number one, guiding and helping women who are wanting to start their own business and women that already own their own business and are feeling a little stuck. The business journey can become lonely, so I
wanted to create something that not only helped women but to guide them and let them know they are never alone and can always come to TWWP tribe for help and support.
Secondly, being a creative and business owner for over 15 years I always hear women
talk about how side tracked they get and how daily life gets in the way of creating their
dreams and goals.

Creating the packs was about taking the outdated old man business plan and creating a
daily motivator that not only looks fabulous, keeps you motivated and is easy for women
to visualise goals plus to keep them on track of business steps they need to complete. I created both packs as they are my split personality, The Power Pack is all about business
drive, goal setting, personal growth, yoga loving and the F-Bomb pack is my sassy side, that side when everything sounds better with an f-bomb and a vodka with friends!!

What are the key benefits and advantages of TWWP packs?
Getting your business, mindset and goals written down, organised and mood boarding with images on your wall so you can visualise your goals daily. I believe with all the distractions we have these days we need to stay focused on our own goals daily, so that we can achieve them. Being in business I also understand the value of giving yourself time out and this is such a massive component in the packs. If our mindset is not focused and strong, we are not focused and strong as women or mums either. You have to live your business journey visually – right in front of you and absolutely love it, the rest will follow…that’s what TWWP is all about!


Mindset and empowerment is a large part of TWWP, tell us more about the part this plays?
Mindset is one of the biggest journeys we create for ourselves, it will make or break us.
Without a positive mindset the negative chatter creeps in and if we listen too much to that ‘voice’ our visions fade away. TWWP helps you to become focused on your positive journey, get your goals set, checked and visualised right in front of you every day in the form of a mood board. Without positive visualised goals we have a higher chance of never achieving them BUT to visualise your goals daily you have an 80% chance of achieving your goals and the Power Pack offers just that, positive mindset, clear business steps and personal goals, all in stylish way to visualise. With the F-bomb pack of course giving you that sassy edge!

“You have to live your business journey visually – right in front of you and absolutely love it, the rest will follow…that’s what TWWP is all about!”

How do you manage your time, workload and team effectively?
Owning and running another business at the same time can be tricky and very time
consuming, I must say one of my strengths is being organised and if I have a job to get
done I just do it, even if I am up all night! Crazy I know. I do tend to work on TWWP at
night or on the weekends. At this point, I don’t have a “team” but my poor husband and
children help out organising the packs to be sent out. So it really is a family
business at times.

Best business advice you have been given?
A song just came to mind by Shawn Mendes – In my blood. The words “sometimes I feel like giving up, I just can’t, it isn’t in my blood”. I am so driven when I am passionate about something! My goals are what keeps my soul alive and I will never ‘give up’. Inspiration and ‘advice’ comes from everywhere for me.

Best thing about being a total girlboss?
On so many levels I love it, I make my own rules, meet amazing people, I work around school hours, I am here for my family, as they are a massive part of my drive. For me, being the mother of young girls I want to show them that no matter what your dreams and goals are…you just need to work hard, stay committed and persevere…and you will achieve them! Be bold and dream big. I believe women rule the world (men just don’t know yet!). It is a hard journey and when I’m up at midnight working I think to myself WTF am I doing! But truthfully, I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else.

Goals and plans for 2019?
One of my biggest plans this year is to become confident in front of my business, I feel more comfortable behind the scenes so I promised myself get out of my comfort zone, create more videos (so sorry ladies, you are going to see more of ME). I hate the way I sound and look on videos even when I am channelling Oprah!

I would really love to sell the Power Packs to even more amazing women who want to
set goals, get in front of their business and smash their dreams and goals! On a personal
level I want to be in nature more and feel more grounded.

Thank you so much Simone for sharing your business story and TWWP packs (we have to admit me are just slightly obsessed with our Power Pack and everything about TWWP!) Interested in trying one out for your business plan? Jump on TWWP website and follow  on Instagram for all the latest inspiration and updates.

Want more?…check out Simone’s interior design studio Style Life Home and follow on Instagram.

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