Amanda Boleyn: founder & CEO of She Did it Her Way

Amanda Boleyn, CEO & Founder of She Did It Her Way
TDP is BIG on personal and professional development, and are always eager to continue to learn and grow through our journey of creating a lifestyle and career destination for real modern women.  So when we discovered She Did It Her Way’s podcast, all of our education dreams in this space came true!  We spoke with CEO and founder Amanda Boleyn about her own journey from a corporate career to her first taste of entrepreneurship traveling the globe with companies like JP Morgan, Weight Watchers and Trend Micro to launching her own creative outlet turned business.  Read more for the full interview.

How did “She Did It Her Way” come about and tell us about the team behind it?
She Did It Her Way first launched as a podcast in 2015. When I launched She Did It Her Way it was only as a hobby. I had zero plans for it to be a business. I was traveling a lot with my contract work and I wanted a creative outlet. It was about a year and a half ago that I started to look at it through the lens of it being a business. Since then we’ve grown from just me to 3 virtual contractors who help execute on the daily tasks, help with the podcast, social media and event planning.
What are the tools and resources that you offer?
She Did It Her Way’s mission is to help women launch their business and ditch their 9-5. I believe the biggest role that we play is helping cultivate community during such a vulnerable time. Launching a business is very personal, and can be overwhelming – especially when you’re working your full-time and trying to figure out what you want to do and then having to go do it. We produce a weekly podcast that airs on Monday’s, an annual event – She Did It Her Way Summit that caters to women who are side-hustling and those who have recently made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship and we have a monthly membership, Her Way Society that women can join who want to launch a business.
3 tips for starting out in the world of blogging?
1. Understand the business of blogging. While at She Did It Her Way we don’t blog, we do produce a podcast and put out content on a weekly basis, you have to understand the business behind what it is you’re doing. Blogging and podcasting are mediums. You must know the business behind what it is that you do.
2. Niche down as soon as possible. A few easy ways to niche down: survey your email list, look at the data of your website, and pay attention to what content YOU enjoy!
3. Take massive action. Massive action is taking action until you get the result that you want. Passive action is consuming podcasts, reading books, watching videos, going through courses. The sooner you take massive action, the sooner you’ll reach your goals. Know when to take massive action and when to take passive action.
Best business advice you have been given?

So much of entrepreneurship, building a business and life is mindset.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

It is a quote by Wayne Dyer. I first heard this quote back in 2012 and it has stuck with me until this day.

“Take massive action. Massive action is taking action until you get the result that you want.”

The She Did It Her Way Summit is coming up in April 2019, tell us more about it and what attendees can expect?

Yes! This year we have two different ticket types for our two different audiences – Emerging Entrepreneur and Side-Hustle. Emerging Entrepreneur is for those who have already left their corporate job and are full-time business owners and Side-Hustle Saturday is for those who are building their business while still working full-time.

Emerging Entrepreneur is two full days and Side-Hustle Saturday is one-day 😉 This will be our 3rd She Did It Her Way Summit and it has been absolutely amazing to see it grow. Our first one was in October 2017. It was a one-day event that we planned in less than 3 months and had over 35 women from 11 different states. This past April we doubled in size and days! My favorite part about these events is the community it creates among everyone.

Plans for 2019?
For 2019 we’ll be focused on running a successful She Did It Her Way Summit in April and make our Her Way Society even better through customer success paths and resources.

She Did It Her Way’s mission is to help women launch their business and ditch their 9-5.
How do you maintain a balanced lifestyle?

I would say that most of the time I would be considered “out of balance” to most people but on the contrast, I feel in flow most of the time. I go in and out of periods of my life and schedule where it is really busy, email builds up, I get behind on tasks but usually, that is because I’m taking massive action on something that needs to get done. I’ve learned to say, “No” a lot more, stay in a routine as much as possible, chose better thoughts and the way I think about what I need to get done (mindset) and have learned to outsource a lot (both personally and professionally). I’m also okay with not getting it all done, as long as I get the important stuff done.

Your daily mantra?
“Keep growing and keep going.”

These aren’t mantras but these are questions I ask myself throughout the day:

“What do I need to produce today in order to move the business forward?”

“What is the meaning that I’m attaching to this situation right now and how can I change the way I look at it?”

Thank you Amanda for an insight into your personal journey and sharing invaluable advice and tips for those of us wanting to take it to the next level in 2019!  We will be listening along every step of the way through our own journey!

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TDP xo

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