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The Mono Journal by Thrive Daily

In the later months of the year TDP starts to seek out resources and tools to implement for the coming year, we call this our ‘Dream Big Productivity and Goal Toolkit’.  For 2019 we want to be laser focused and needed a simple, flexible, powerful goal tracker to hold us accountable while creating an experience. We want to enjoy the journey, learning and growing is what keeps us motivated and inspired! In 2019 we wanted to try something fresh and new, enter the Mono Journal.  Read on to find out more about Thrive Daily’s goal achievement system and why it is an integral part of our goal-getting toolkit this year!

What is Thrive Daily all about?
Our products are designed to help ambitious people achieve their goals, be more productive and maximise their potential.

The inspiration behind Thrive Daily?
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Thrive Daily began by personal frustration  and belief that everyone has the potential to follow their goals and the power to live the life of their dreams.  We all want to live life to the fullest and be the very best version of ourselves, though life can get in the way and we can fall victim to distractions.  With this in mind, Thrive Daily was launched alongside The Mono Journal.

The Concept
Goals provide us with direction and to turn our dreams into reality, it’s critical to be clear about our intentions, plan ahead and take consistent action. These days our lives are overloaded – we want to do and achieve everything.  We’re surrounded by so many distractions that it’s difficult to stay focused and fully commit to our goals. We try to go to big all at once, without a proper plan and structure in place. To achieve big things you don’t need to start big….

The Mono Journal is the perfect system to help you achieve your goals.  The key is to start small, take consistent action and celebrate your progress.  Instead of starting big and burning out, the Mono Journal allows you to start small, and build momentum one day at a time. Daily goal setting is an integral part to any successful routing.  The Mono Journal is the perfect tool to keep any GOAL-GETTER on track.

“Our mission is to create meaningful and powerful tools to help maximise your potential”

5 reasons why you will love the Mono Journal
1. It’s simple
2. It’s flexible
3. It holds you accountable
4. It’s powerful
5. It’s an experience

We have kicked off the new year with our Mono Journal and the simplicity and flexibility is what we are loving the most!  Making tools work for you has such an impact on your progress and engagement with your goals so flexibility really is key.  There is a full ‘How to Guide’ for first time Mono Journal users like us (invaluable – we learnt so much just from the first few pages of the journal before putting pen to paper!) plus a gratitude, excitement and affirmation section for each day. Our Mono Journal experience is off to a great start and we can’t wait to stay committed to taking action each and every day towards our goals with Thrive Daily.

What resources and tools are you implementing this year?

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