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As busy gals and all that comes with our modern lifestyle, convenience is key especially when it comes to health and fitness.  This is where a subscription box comes to the rescue! A part from convenience, choosing a subscription box that is right for you has many other benefits and when Motivate Me Wellness Box released their first Summer Box earlier this month we had to find out more! Find out all about the healthy, natural Australian products that are included and how to start enjoying the benefits today!

Tell us what MMWB is all about and how it came to be?
The idea of MMWB came when creator Steph, was looking for a convenient heath and fitness subscription box option that aligned with her values: healthy, natural, prominently vegan friendly, Australian products!

“While there are a lot of great Subscription Box options out there I struggled to find one that was prominently health and fitness related. As a passionate runner, fitness-fanatic and a bit of a tom-boy, I was more interested in products that aligned with these passions, as opposed to the more beauty-focused options that I saw on the market. That’s when I thought it would be great to create something that included a range of products that would continue to motivate and inspire people on their journey to health, fitness and total body wellness. Health and fitness has always been such an important aspect of my life, and something that has had a hugely positive affect on my mental health. Being able to create something which would share this passion with others and encourage people to prioritise their health was were the idea began and it really grew from there.” – MMWB founder, Steph

What can we expect to find in a MMWB?
On the 1st of December, we launched our first Seasonal Health and Fitness Subscription Box – Our Summer Box. Our Summer Box includes 13 different Australian health and fitness products, all hand-picked with the intention of motivating, nourishing and refreshing you on your journey to wellness. As well as the amazing products we have included, we also have our very own “Motivate Me Wellness Magazine” which is included free in every Box and is packed full of info and discounts for all the included products, healthy recipes, workouts, health articles and tips.

For our Summer Box, we have been lucky to team up with some amazing companies and you will find some great products such as:

  • Koja Pancakes
  • Etch & Trove Habit Tracker Notepad
  • Sid & Jac Magnesium Oil
  • Be Fraiche Tea-tree Face Cleanser
  • Salted Bliss, Detox Bath Salts
  • Kitz Banana & Cacao Bar
  • Food For Health Muesli
  • Running Bare Coffee Keep Cup
  • Spiky Physio Massage Ball
  • True Protein Vegan Protein Powder
  • Goodguts Probiotic Tea
  • Mints Body Scrub
  • Goodlife: 2 Week Gym-pass


The summer box includes hand-picked Australian health and fitness products all with the intention of motivating, nourishing and refreshing you on your journey to wellness.

What are the benefits?
The idea of a subscription box is to make it easy for you. When it comes to health and fitness, there are so many products on the market that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. With MMWB we have researched, tried and tested all the products we include our boxes so you know you are only getting products we truly believe are amazing and will aid you on our health and fitness journey.

What does a subscription involve and how can we get one?
Our Boxes come out at the start of each new season, that means 4 boxes a year:

Summer – 1st December

Autumn – 1st of March

Winter – 1st of June

Spring – 1st of September

Once you sign up for our seasonal (or yearly) subscriptions, you will automatically receive the current seasons Box, and continue to receive a new Box delivered straight to your door at the start of each new season.

All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and come with free Australia-wide delivery. Head over to to order yours today. You can purchase MMWB as a one-off purchase (which is a great gift option) or sign up for our seasonal or yearly subscriptions (which can be cancelled at any time).

By signing up for a subscription, you will receive a new Box at the start of each new season which is jam-packed full of amazing Australian health and fitness products. It’s such a nice way to start a new season, with a box full of new products which you know have been hand-picked for the purpose of inspiring and motivating you. And the surprise of what’s included is all part of the fun!

Every new season Box you and will receive between 10-15 different products and over $150.00 worth of value…all for just $59.95 and that includes free Australia-wide shipping!

Looking after yourself on all levels includes mind, body and spirit.

What was the inspiration behind creating MMWB?
MMWB was created to inspire people to live a healthy and balanced life through exercise, healthy food and total body wellness.  As someone who is a self-confessed exercise-addict it took me a while to realise being healthy didn’t just relate to how many kilometres you can run or how many hours you spend in the gym. It’s about looking after yourself on all levels which includes your mind, body and spirit. Finding balance in life and knowing that it is OK to put yourself first sometimes.

Without the encouragement of my partner, MMWB would have simply been a dream but through his encouragement and support I truly believe we have started something amazing which will hopefully continue to inspire people to live their best, healthy and balanced life. Unfortunately, he passed away the day before our official launch date which was extremely difficult but MMWB will continue on in his memory and hopefully continued to grow as he believed it would.

Lots of love, Steph xxx

Thank you Steph for sharing the inspiration behind MMWB and creating an amazing subscription service that supports Australian business and promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We can’t wait to see the fantastic products included in 2019!

Connect with MMWB on Instagram and purchase you very own here to start enjoying the benefits!

TDP xo

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