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Jungle Body fitness instructors Jenna and Bec

On TDP we talk a lot about keeping your health and wellness promise to yourself.  But as we all know this can be challenging!  The first step is to make the time and not letting the ‘I simply don’t have time’ reason (or excuse!) get in our way.  Once you decide to make time, putting together a routine with variety is key to maintaining it and staying interested and motivated.  When balancing out your routine, adding something fun and a little bit different is the perfect way to switch things up! We spoke with fitness instructor Jenna about exactly how to do that with The Jungle Body with Jenna classes!

So what are the classes all about….
The Jungle Body with Jenna is a super fun, energetic group fitness class aimed at anyone and everyone, based in Floreat. We cover it all: dance, boxing, cardio and toning. Expect to jab, kick, shake and twerk to the hottest beats around! Sweat like crazy and feel the burn all over! The lights go off, the disco lights go on, the music is loud and the atmosphere is electric!

Benefits of coming along to a Jungle Body with Jenna class….

  • Learn hot new routines each week
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility
  • Burn around 700 calories per class and tone your full body
  • Elevate your mood by raising endorphin levels
  • Improved coordination
  • It’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated and like-minded individuals
  • An enthusiastic and encouraging instructor
  • Meet new people and make new friendships
  • Reduce stress

5 things you should know if you’re thinking about coming to a Jungle Body with Jenna class but still not quite sure!
1. Everyone was once a first timer – we all have to start somewhere right?!
Trust me, you won’t be the only newbie in class!

2. Let me know if you need to modify moves – I can help (before class is best). Let your body do it’s own thing. I want everyone to be comfortable. Remember this is YOUR class, YOUR workout and most importantly YOUR body!

3. It’s totally acceptable to go at your own pace. I can make suggestions for those who want to change it up for example you can go lighter, heavier, take out a move, adapt a move whatever you feel like! Again it’s YOUR body!

4. We’re all here for the same reason. We all want to get fit and toned, lose weight and have fun while we workout! KONGA®️ is so good for the soul!

5. I am the happiest, most smiliest instructor you will ever see! I have so much passion for what I do and I am positive that it will rub off on you during your workout!


“I have so much passion for what I do and I am positive that it will rub off on you during your workout!”

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you and why is it a priority for you?
For me, being fit, happy and healthy is a huge priority. It’s about feeling good physically and mentally. My keyword is “balance”. Yes I workout 5 days a week and drink lots of water, and yes I still eat chocolate and drink wine most weekends without feeling guilty about it! I also make sure I stretch and rest my body at the weekends. These kind of days are just as important.  I spend a lot of time advertising and marketing my business on social media, which I actually enjoy but I also love meeting people face to face, going out with my friends and socialising! Surround yourself with beautiful and positive people for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

What is your advice on how to implement fitness into a busy lifestyle and stay committed?
I’m so lucky that my job allows me to have such an active lifestyle. Dance and group fitness is and always has been my absolute passion. If you can find activities and exercise that you enjoy, that’s half the battle. Most people have busy lifestyles, it’s just a case of time management and fitting it around your schedule and finding out what works best for you. Also arranging to workout with friends is always a good idea to help keep each other motivated and that way you can’t get out of it unless you have a really good excuse! To stay committed, I always set small goals first, smash them and then the bigger goals seem more realistic! Commitment is all in the mind, you’ve got to be determined and focused on what you want to achieve.

What do you love the most about being a girl boss?
I just love that I am my own boss, I do my own thing when I want and how I want! It’s actually so much fun! I love that I set my own goals and targets and when I have super cool ideas there’s nothing or no one stopping me from trying them! I also love meeting other girl bosses and supporting their local businesses.

“Surround yourself with beautiful and positive people for a happy, healthy lifestyle”.

Tips for staying motivated, especially during the summer holidays?
I think Summer holidays is the best time to exercise, especially if you live in Perth like me. Our weather is incredible, get out there and make the most of it! Go swimming, go for walks, cycle, take in the stunning coastline, scenic views and beautiful parks that Perth has in abundance all for free! Or come along to A Jungle Body with Jenna class for only $12! I also offer class passes, 10 classes for only $100 or 5 classes for $50.

Favourite healthy breakfast?
I do love a smoothie or anything fresh and fruity!! My absolute favourite is a Dragon fruit smoothie!

Thank you Jenna for letting us know all about the benefits of KONGA®️ and your tips on implementing fitness into a busy lifestyle and staying committed!

Connect with Jenna on Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest class information and major motivation and inspiration!  Perth ladies, check out the class schedule for 2019 and get on it!

TDP xo

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