Inspired to Style with Cammy Peters

Inspired to Style by the blush queen, Cammy Peters

Who else swoons over those oh-so-beautiful decor and interior design photos and wonder what goes into creating a beautifully balanced theme and colour palette? We know that we are not alone here ladies! Decor appreciation is a huge influence at TDP, so we were so excited to sit down with product and interior stylist and influencer Cammy Peters (otherwise known as ‘the blush queen!’) to get this industry insiders take on the creative process, influences and inspiration.

Find out more about how to get started in the industry, the best business lesson Cammy has learned and experience a snippet of Inspired to Style’s amazing portfolio.

Tell us about your background and how you became a product and interior stylist
It wasn’t long after I started my Instagram account that I was approached by a few small candle businesses. I started studying a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration before my third baby come along, so my love of styling and design stemmed from there, but I have always changed rooms around and my decor since I was a teen. I get bored quite easily with styles!

Your styling is so beautiful, what is involved in the creative process – from the concept through to the final design?
I try to base my styling around a product piece or artwork. So the item could be a vase, candle, book or even flowers! When using artwork, pick a colour or colours from the artwork as a starting point and use products in those colours and pieces that complement the artwork. Make sure the colours don’t conflict and that the styling pieces don’t over power each other. It’s about depth and heights and placing pieces together with thought, not just plonking things around. Make it tell a story.
“It’s about depth and heights and placing pieces together with thought, not just plonking things around. Make it tell a story”.
We adore the soft tones and colour palette of your styling, what was the influence for this?
My favourite colour is pink, so with that colour comes a feminine style. Bringing different tones of pink together and textures often bring that style to life. The pinks with the scandi style is what you will mainly see in my home. Sorry hubby!

What inspires you from a creative point of view?
Artwork ! It’s so so important. Artwork can make your house feel like a home. I have a lot of pretty artwork on my walls from Olive Et Oriel and Yorklee, so I’ll pick different tones from the artwork and style around them.

“Be You! Style how YOU want to style”.

Advice for those who are interested in a career as a stylist?
Be You! Style how YOU want to style. Yes there are trends out all the time but don’t style for others, be true to your own style. Not everyone will like the Scandinavian style or blush pinks! You could love industrial, or mid-century modern styling.  If you are becoming a stylist, especially if you are going to offer styling for others, means being open-minded, exploring all trends and colours and themes. So try to keep up to date with it all and adapting to all styles.

A blend of pinks and blush tones with scandi style is what you will see in Cammy’s home

What has been the most influential career/business lesson you have learned along the way?
It’s definitely to be open to all styles. As I mentioned above, blush pink and the scandi style that I love , won’t be on trend forever. Play around with other styles, read and research. Learn how incorporate your style and the colours you love into other themes. That way when one style is out, and the other is in, you’re not feeling completely overwhelmed with the new style and how to use it. And remember to BE ORIGINAL! There are so many gorgeous stylists out there, use them for inspiration but spin your twist on it.

Thank you Cammy for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise on all things product and interior styling, and an insight into your creative process.

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TDP xo

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