Be Bold, Be Brave, Be you with d+k active wear

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d+k deliver the ultimate in eco-friendly active wear

A large part of a modern, balanced lifestyle for the busy gal is keeping her own health and wellness promise to herself.  Hitting the gym, taking a nature walk, yoga, a beach run or a game of tennis….there are so many options to switch it up and stay motivated and moving!  To support this, functional active wear is a must, so when we discovered Australian made active wear brand d+k, their commitment to sustainability and the environment in everything they do and ethos of Be Bold, Be Brave, Be you – we just had to learn more!

Make more than just a wardrobe choice, make a lifestyle decision with Queensland based active wear label d+k.

Founded: by Danielle Larkin, April 2017
Brisbane, Australia
Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You


d+k is a proudly Australian owned and crafted active wear brand that incorporates fashion and function through modern design principles, ethical and responsible business practices, and a sense of well-being, happiness, confidence and empowerment through movement.  When you wear d+k you are not just making a wardrobe choice, you are making a lifestyle decision and investing in the future of sustainable fashion and  Australia’s clothing manufacturing trade.

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Design philosophy
The design philosophy behind d+k is simple: we don’t compromise on fashion and function, and neither should you!  This is lived and breathed through the creative design process.  From thoughtful conception of each and every piece, product trialing and QA testing, to carefully selecting quality materials and essential textile details that empower your every move and encourage the best version of you.  Italian lycra and  organic bamboo make up the level of quality you can expect from the d+k range.  Coupled with moisture wicking, quick dry, stretch technology, ultra-breathability, muscular support and UV protection you can be confident that when you choose d+k to support you on your well-being journey, quality is not compromised.

d+k has made a conscious business decision and commitment to be ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible in everything they do.  The entire product life cycle is carried out from the Brisbane headquarters, from design, cutting and sewing, to sales, marketing and distribution.  Powered by 115 solar panels with an on-site studio, office space and staff gym, d+k’s experienced and passionate team are making their Australian owned and made vision a self sufficient reality everyday.  Sustainability is a factor in everything they do, creating BIG but leaving a small footprint in how they operate their business.  By implementing systems and practices such as reusing fabrics throughout the creative and production process, utilising a reliably environmentally friendly cutting machine to reduce power consumption to reducing clothing km’s by operating from a one-stop shop, d+k are definitley making all the right moves in this space.

Empowerment through movement
Promoting the need for the fitness industry to focus more on internal health and well-being, self care and acceptance rather than purely self image and looking a certain way, d+k empowers through movement.  They do this by providing 
products for a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging customers to be the best they can be through offering pieces that make you feel good, are comfortable and provide support.  Positive body image and self love starts with what is inside, and keeping active and moving nurtures both mental and physical well being.

To learn more about d+k’s contribution to promoting positive mind set, supporting Australian manufacturing, commitment to sustainability and to browse the amazing range of pieces, click here.  To connect and stay up to date with all things d+k, connect on Instagram and Facebook.  Get your personal tour of d+k headquarters here.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to show case eco-friendly Australian brands who are advocates of postivity and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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