Kate Emiley: your personal marketing manager

Kate Emiley, your personal marketing manager

Are you looking for a personal marketing manager who is obsessed with helping your business grow and build a thriving relationship with your community?  Then Kate Emiley is your lady!  With a wealth of experience and knowledge with all things brand related, Kate has worked with health, wellness and lifestyle brands Lululemon and MiGoals.  Read more for valuable insights from this industry insider and how to access  her amazing complimentary Brand Storytelling Guide that is hot off the press!

Tell us about your background and experience as a marketing manager and your core service offerings
After 8 years in corporate marketing, specifically in the retail and property industries I found I had a passion for creating content for health, wellness and lifestyle brands. I ran a successful blog called Chief Active for two years where I got to work with international brands like ClassPass and The Westin Hotels as well as boutique fitness studios and wellness brands. It was after connecting with small business owners in the industry that I realised there was a need for marketing help especially at a strategic level. About 9 months ago I started my consulting business that offers digital marketing and content strategy support to solopreneurs and small business owners. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lululemon and MiGoals as well as other healthy lifestyle brands across Australia. I’m obsessed with helping businesses grow and build a thriving relationship with their community!

What do you love the most about working with solopreneurs and small businesses?
As a solopreneur myself, I get it! I get the struggles they face and the challenges of not only growing a business on your own but having the confidence to pursue your dreams. I love coaching business owners to see their business more strategically and help them understand the intricacies of marketing, especially in the digital age. I love working one-on-one with the owners of these businesses to help bring their vision to life. The feeling I get when a small business owner is so grateful for the work I’ve done for them, even if it’s just a simple blog article, is so fulfilling!


“I’ve only ever accepted jobs with brands where I resonate with their product or service”

What is it like working across the industries you specialise in?
I live and breathe health and wellness so specialising in brands within this industry is just fun for me. When you’re interested in the topics you’re writing about or would buy the products your producing marketing materials for, it’s easy work. I’ve only ever accepted jobs with brands where I resonate with their product or service for two reasons:

1. I can give them the best of my ability as I totally get their offering
2. I want to love what I do

We love supporting women in business, what would be your one piece of advice for other #girlbosses out there in marketing?
For me, learning to focus on one thing at a time has been the biggest struggle. When you’ve come from working in businesses with marketing teams with big budgets, going out on your own can be extremely overwhelming. You no longer have a boss that you have to convince, you can literally do anything you want to but with that you’ll likely spread yourself too thin. I did and it really impacted my business. I tried to do everything and be everywhere, but it doesn’t work. Focus on one thing at a time, whether it’s a particular social media channel or content platform. Once you nail it, you can add something new. Do one thing at a time and do it well!


Here are my top 5 ideas for getting started with Brand Storytelling on Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has become an incredibly popular platform for brands to spread their message about their product or service to their audience. But, so many brands aren’t utilising its power in a way that actually increases their engagement, grows their community and drives their revenue.  This is because they aren’t leveraging their brand story in a way that drives results for their business!

1.Behind The Scenes
This strategy breaks down the barrier between your brand and your audience. Try sharing your office, your production line or something new that’s in the works with your followers.

2. Your Backstory
By sharing your history you are giving your followers an insight into who you are and why they should love you. Create a series of posts that share the story of why you started your business, getting really clear on your purpose and vision for the brand.

3. Your Team
Even if you’re a solopreneur and your team is literally just you, get on camera and share your story. Consider sharing a post or an Instagram story about 5 things you love and 5 things you hate. You might be surprised how much your followers will engage with this one!

4. User-Generated Content
Not only is this a great way to plump up your Instagram feed with free content, it gives your followers social proof of other people using your product or service. When people see other people sharing on Instagram, they are going to want to do the same which means you extend your brand’s reach organically (the free kind of advertising!)

5. Sneak Peek
Showing your followers a sneak peek of a new product that’s coming out is a great way to get them excited pre-launch. Plus showing them something before it’s completed gives them a greater insight into your process and builds anticipation which will hopefully result in more sales once it goes live.

Thank you Kate for sharing your knowledge, experience and your passion for working with solepreneurs and business in the health, wellness and lifestyle space.  For more education on how to tell an effective brand story and get results, including 5 more of Kate’s valuable ideas download the complimentary Brand Storytelling Guide

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