Do you need a career check-in?

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Have you ever stayed in a job that didn’t utilise your capabilities and drive you to reach your full potential?  It’s easy to become stuck in the ‘daily doing’.  Before we power through the rest of 2018, it is a great time to do a check-in of where your are currently at in your role and how it aligns with your career and financial goals to lead into the new year.  Read on to discover more and why a career check in right now is better than any new years resolution!  

The Daily Grind
We’ve all done it.  At least once.  Stayed in a job because it was comfortable, secure and paid the bills.  In the short-term to even medium term this can work.  Maybe your focus isn’t on your career right now, you are planning a wedding or saving for a dream holiday.  We totally get that.  But what about long-term?

Most companies have a standard ‘Performance Review’ that is scheduled annually, so that could be your prompt to check-in and prepare for your review.  If this practice is not in place, put your hand up and request one – but be prepared!  A check-in is not just a must for traditional employment arrangements, if you are a consultant or have your own business it is just as (or even MORE) important to step back, take a moment and review your current career landscape.

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invest in yourself: take the time to check-in, reflect, identify and ACTION!

What do I ask myself?
The key questions and what is a priority is very personal and different for everyone, depending on many factors.  To start things off, reflect on and write down on a clean sheet of paper:

1. Am I currently enjoying my role on a day-to-day basis?
Yes – what am I enjoying?
No – dig deeper: what are the fundamental reasons?
2. Are my skills and expertise being utilised as I want them to be right now?
Yes – where and how
No – identify areas where this could be improved or changed
3. Is there a clear career path, professional development strategy or opportunity to learn?
Yes – how do you see this path, strategy or opportunity?
No – create your own path, strategy or opportunity
4. Overall, do I feel satisfied with my role RIGHT NOW?
(Working arrangements and environment, job description, salary?)
Yes –  what am I satisfied with?
No – what am I unsatisfied with?

Once you have covered off these basic questions, go back and review your answers.  This will determine the areas that you need to reflect on further.  Write down 3 – 4 key categories (any more and it gets too cumbersome), identify the positives and where you would like action change or progress and how you would like to do this.

Take ownership
While there are some parameters and guidelines that you need to work with, and also an element of what is realistic, taking ownership of your career path and ‘being in charge of our own destiny’ is really up to one person – YOU!  So check in, reflect, identify and action.

you can do it! take ownership and control of your career path

What’s next?
Depending on what is in place in your workplace, have your check-in results and action plan on what and how you would like to change ready to have a constructive, positive conversation.  This can be extremely confronting and does not come naturally to most people, but is crucial to career development and nurturing effective communication skills.

Change can be scary and overwhelming, but it leads to both professional and personal growth and life long learning.  Are you on board with doing a career check in before the end of the year?  This simple process can bring so much clarity and will be more successful than any new years resolution made!

Let us know your thoughts or personal experiences in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

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