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Self investment comes in many forms, first and foremost is ensuring your health and well being is a priority. This is the foundation for all self investment as everything else will come from that.  But what else can we practice for continuous learning, valuable life experiences, balance and to strive to be the best versions of ourselves?  Read on for our Top 5 self investment tips.

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1. Self care
We talk about self care a lot so it is a top priority!  We especially love the simple pleasures that make a big impact and can easily be done DIY style.
pretty tip: DIY spa
Turn your bathroom into your own little spa and spend an evening (or even an hour if you are short on time!) soaking in a warm bath, face mask on, hair treatment in, favorite soy candles lit.  Read a book or simply ‘switch off’ and enjoy the down time.

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2. Personal development
Setting your personal development priorities can fall by the wayside when we get so busy with just ‘doing’.  With the abundance of resources available these days, it’s easier than ever to recognise where you want to learn and grow, and then what you will do for YOURSELF to get there. So listen to that podcast, subscribe to that business group, attend that conference or event, sign up to that webinar!  You are always welcome on your own personal development journey. Plan, take the driver’s seat and be in control!
pretty tip: quarterly planning is regular enough so that you don’t go into overload mode.

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3. Travel and holidays
While this one takes more pre-planning and financial commitment, it is a must.  And isn’t half the fun actually planning your trip and the countdown to when holidays begin?  A more affordable option is planning a staycation, or travelling just a short distance but still enjoy a break away.  Whether its a seaside holiday spent relaxing and sipping cocktails with someone special or your gals, or an action packed adventure, an annual vacay should not be sacrificed.
pretty tip: set your travel and holiday ambitions at the start of the year and then promise yourself to lock something in by March.

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4. Exercise
Probably one that most of us don’t immediately include under this topic, but we believe it’s all about mindset.  Maintaining your fitness is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.  Studies show that people who exercise regularly are naturally more active and motivated, which makes sense….how good do you feel after a walk, gym class or bike ride?
pretty tip: get those extra steps in by walking to your local shops, every little bit counts!

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What self investment do you already have in place, and what will you make a priority for the rest of 2018 from our list?

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  1. I do take a bath to relax and get away from reality. I normally play some music and read a book and I do the whole routine hat you mentioned. I feel super clean afterwards and totally refreshed. A mini spa at home is ideal when you do not have much time or much money.

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