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Imagine completely changing your professional career path after questioning yourself, your passion and what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Corporate lawyer Marija did just that and in May this year quit her job to take some time to breathe and pursue her true passion for wellness and empowering women.  Marija shares her journey to clarity, new found direction and all the lessons learnt along the way.  Read on to be inspired both professionally and personally by this modern gal who we think can do just about anything that she truly believes in!

I’m Marija.  lawyer | wellness blogger | The Raw Pod podcast host

Tell us about your journey to become a lawyer and the decision to pursue your true passion
During my final year of high school, I wanted to become a lawyer so that I could help people (cliché I know).  I worked my butt off and got into law school, upon completing my degree I applied for a bunch of graduate jobs and got rejected by all.  I finally got a job at a commercial law firm in Melbourne as a law clerk and the following year I got promoted to a lawyer.  I thought wow this is it, I’m finally a lawyer!  Two years into my role and I started questioning myself: is this my passion? is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?  I started to feel unfulfilled in my job and knew that I wanted more out of life, so The Raw Pursuit was born.  I needed an outlet and had always loved health and wellness, so I started my own wellness blog.

Initially I shared lots of healthy recipes and simple healthy tips that busy women could implement in their life.  As I started to grow and evolve as a young female lawyer the direction of my blog changed to focus more on mindset and self-development tips as I myself was struggling at work, feeling burnt out, had lost my passion for my job and felt like a failure.  Oh yes….and I also quit my job 3 months ago.  I needed space for myself, time to breathe the freedom to pursue my passion for wellness and want to be of service to women through empowerment.  This has brought clarity and the much-needed space that I so desperately craved.  I reflected on myself and the legal industry.  Amazing, super intelligent and creative women in the law who are burning themselves out and I see many who are unhappy, just the way I was.  These reflections then sparked the idea for The Raw Pod, which is a no BS podcast for corporate women who boldly chase their dreams and are obsessed with self-growth.

What can we expect to find on The Raw Pod?
I want to share my own personal experiences and struggles I’ve gone through whilst being a lawyer. The core purpose is to help and support women who are currently going through struggles or stagnation in their career.  Women should feel supported, heard and not alone in their journey as there are so many out there in the same boat.  You always hear the success stories and all the glitz and glam, but rarely do we hear about the daily struggles and lessons in life.  I don’t hold back or sugar coat anything because I want people to know that struggles and failures are absolutely normal and are necessary for self development and expansion.  Whatever I do in my life I simply want to help women be the best version of themselves and to show up fully in their life.


“I want to share my own personal experiences and struggles I’ve gone through whilst being a lawyer.  Women should feel supported, heard and not alone in their journey”

Your inspiration
Creating content for the podcast and blog for women who are following their dreams and kicking butt inspires me!  Being able to provide that one podcast episode or blog post that will change the trajectory of their life, give them permission to fall in love with themselves and give them the self-belief that they can do anything is truly inspirational.  Working hard towards my dreams is inspired by my boyfriend and my parents.  I love them so much and want them to be proud of me!

What advice do you have for others who find themselves in the same situation and the lessons you have learnt along the way?
The past year has been a messy, transformational year.  I have learnt a lot about myself, what I do and don’t want out of life, my purpose on this earth and most of all to listen to my intuition (it knows best!)

Top 10 lessons
1. Creativity and ideas come to you when you slow down
2. You can be successful and not burn yourself to the ground
3. If you’re consistently unhappy with something in your life, change it!
4. Your mindset is powerful so choose to focus on the positive in life and on the bigger picture
5. Success means happiness within and contentment with life rather than a dollar figure and social status
6. Take a chance on your dreams
7. Don’t allow other’s opinions of you or your dreams stop you from pursuing them
8. Surround yourself with like minded people
9. Don’t make decisions from a place of fear or lack – only make decisions from a calm state and one from love and abundance
10. Do things before you’re ready and the rest of the journey will unfold in front of you

What has helped you on your journey to where you are today?
Having friends and family that are supportive of my dreams has been crucial through my transformational year.  I also love to listen to lots of podcasts, audible books and YouTube videos. Listening to others that have gone through what I’m currently going through always helps as it gives me hope that everything will work out.


“Whatever I do in my life I simply want to help women be the best version of themselves and to show up fully in their life.”

Favourite resources
Podcast: currently The Goaldigger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher
YouTube: by Garry Vee (so motivational!)
Most influential book: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein (changed my way of thinking!)

Future goals
My future goal is to become a life coach and to help thousands of women around the world unblock their self-limiting beliefs and live the life of their dreams which is what they truly deserve.  Apart from career, my future goal is also to continue to be the best version of myself, so I can show up fully in my own life and the lives of my family and friends. One day I want to become a mother and I want to show my children that they can choose the life they want to live.

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey and the what it takes to have the courage to make that positive change and follow your true passion.  We are certain there are many other out there who are experiencing this and will benefit from your valuable advice and lessons learned.

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