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Curating work wear outfits that are chic, functional, comfortable, office appropriate and seasonal takes some pre-planning.  Investing in a collection of mix and match pieces is not only a BIG timesaver in the mornings, it also encourages a more sustainable approach to style.  The other key factor is taking care of your pieces so that you get the maximum return on your 9-5 wear investment, with a selection of wash and wear items where possible.

We’ve put together the top 20 for a capsule work wear wardrobe to get you started, with some handy hints and considerations when making purchase decisions to get you through the week in style (casual Friday option included).  

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“Complete you look with a fresh manicure, positive attitude, determination and a smile and you are all set for an amazing week!”  

the classic white collared shirt: slim fit and sharp cut are key for an absolute staple that can be worn with pretty much anything.  A little extra care is needed: strictly a white wash only item and ironing is not optional with this piece.

the white blouse: floaty and feminine, a lighter fabric great for summer but must be worn with a white or flesh coloured singlet or cami underneath.

the chambray collared shirt: the humble chambray has come along way and we still believe the modern version has it’s place.  Think white collared shirt but slightly more relaxed.  Perfect with neutral heels.

the printed blouse: add some prints and texture with florals or polka dots.

the blazer: our absolute favourite, don’t stop at just one.  Basic black, blush, white, grey, checked, houndstooth – all winners in our style book that will be worn on repeat.

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the cardigan: keep it basic, a black button down cardigan for warmth and comfort are the priorities with this one.

pants: we love some variety here and recommend at least four pairs of tailored pants to avoid over wear and fading.  A full length slim, 7/8 slim, tie waist tapered and high-waisted culottes are a mix of classic and on trend cuts right now.

the dress – fitted: a structured slim fitting dress that sits just above the knee.

the dress – floaty: a skater style dress that has a fuller skirt and structured top with cap sleeves.  We love the addition of pockets for this style of dress.

the pencil skirt: classic black and knee-length

ballet flats: second to the blazer, a chic pair of flats can still elevate an outfit as heels can.  Our go to is a black loafer, followed by a slim line neutral and even a patent navy can work with a number of looks.

heels: the two essentials are pumps and a heeled sandal, both in black and neutrals or blush (depending on how formal your workplace is).

the polo: classic pony polo in white…. need we say more?

jeans: for casual Fridays in a corporate office, go for a skinny jean in a darker wash.  For super casual Fridays (the best kind!) a high-waisted skinny jean with tasteful rips works.

the chic sneakers: classic black, white or blush, keep them scuff free and don’t forget the sockettes to keep the inside fresh.

a classic watch: think silver and white, with a black or blush band

earrings: simple silver, gold or pearl.  The Tiffany mini heart tag earring or Mimco Spellbound initial stud are top of the list.

the scarf: one word: Burberry.  This is an investment piece that will truly never go out of style.

the tailored handbag + pouch, laptop bag: lots of options here, and it is a really personal choice when it comes to handbags & laptop bags.  Functional first, then style which doesn’t tend to be a sacrifice anymore with so many beautiful designs available.  Make your bags even more chic and personalize with your initials.

the tailored belt: medium thickness with a subtle buckle is key.  A paired back version of the circle belt is an on trend alternative.  Black is the go to, but don’t be afraid to try a blush or nude tailored belt for variety.

Do you have a capsule style work wear wardrobe?  Share in the comments and like this post if you love this sustainable time saver like us!




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