Super Summer Smoothies


Smoothies and juices are a great way to pack in those extra veges and leafy greens everyday (which can even be ‘disguised’ if you prefer a sweeter flavor).  A daily breakfast smoothie is perfect for when you are rushing out the door so there is no excuse to skip breakfast ever again!

pretty tip: prepare the chopped fruits + greens the night before in your smoothie cup, add the almond milk the next morning.  A quick blend & you are out the door!

Check out our top 3 smoothies starting with our go to super simple green smoothie.

super simple green smoothie
1 x banana | 1 x green apple | handful of fresh spinach & kale | 200ml organic almond milk

ripe banana in white knitted bag

almond & avocado protein smoothie

1/2 medium ripe avocado | 1/2 medium banana | 1 cup organic almond milk | 1 tablespoon vanilla-flavoured protein powder | 2 tablespoons almond butter | 1 tablespoon honey | ice cubes

avocado blur close up focus

creamy raspberry smoothie

2/3 cup raw cashews | 1 cup coconut water | 1 cup frozen raspberries (blueberries work also) | 1 tablespoon maple syrup | 1/2 peeled lime | ice cubes

berry bucket close up color

What’s your go to smoothie?

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