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Priscilla Innamorati, founder of Grounded Picnics & Events shares with us what inspires her, some advice and what she has learned so far, and (big!) future plans for her lovely bespoke event planning, management and styling business.


Service offering: Bespoke pop-up picnics for all events and occasions.

What inspired you to start Grounded Picnics & Events and continues to now that you are well on your way?

I have always had a creative side, and through my full-time day job I was unable to utilise my creative skills and passion, so I thought why not pursue my own business and give myself an outlet for my creativeness.  Seeing my clients and their guests faces when I create an event that they absolutely love inspires me more and more each time it happens.

What advice do you have for other ladies thinking about starting or collaborating on their own business?

Do it! Don’t think too much into it. If you have the ideas and the passion the rest will come naturally. There will always be someone there to help you along the way, so although you are starting a business individually you will never be alone in getting starting and succeeding.

What skills or training have helped you along the way?

Attending as many networking events as possible has allowed me to meet new people and learn from them in terms of what they could have done better and taking on advice from them as well. Always being persistent and consistent is important as well in order to keep pushing forward.

seaside location for a stunning bridal photo shoot
the sweetest unicorn themed birthday party

How did you plan when starting out and what tools or resources really helped you?

I started with a simple business plan, a document that helped me create a vision for what I wanted my service to be and how it would be portrayed by my clients and the wider community.

What is the best part about being a #girlboss?

Being a girl boss is so empowering. It has taught me that I am all I need to pursue my dreams. I can learn anything I need to and teach others along the way in starting their own journey.

Where do you hope to take your business in 1 year….5 years?

Within 1 year: I hope to be consistently hosting parties every weekend. Currently I do a party or two on average every second weekend.

Within 5 years:  I hope to have franchised out this business to other people with the same passion as me in relation to creativity.

Thank you so much Priscilla for sharing your business success story and providing advice for aspiring #girlboss entrepreneurs.

If you have a special event or occasion coming up, be sure to check out Grounded Picnics & Events.



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