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Invest in yourself

Self investment comes in many forms, first and foremost is ensuring your health and well being is a priority. This is the foundation for all self investment as everything else will come from that.  But what else can we practice for continuous learning, valuable life experiences, balance and to strive to be the best versions […]

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The Raw Pursuit: Marija Duka

Imagine completely changing your professional career path after questioning yourself, your passion and what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Corporate lawyer Marija did just that and in May this year quit her job to take some time to breathe and pursue her true passion for wellness and empowering women.  Marija […]

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capsule work wear wardrobe

Curating work wear outfits that are chic, functional, comfortable, office appropriate and seasonal takes some pre-planning.  Investing in a collection of mix and match pieces is not only a BIG timesaver in the mornings, it also encourages a more sustainable approach to style.  The other key factor is taking care of your pieces so that […]

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Super Summer Smoothies

Smoothies and juices are a great way to pack in those extra veges and leafy greens everyday (which can even be ‘disguised’ if you prefer a sweeter flavor).  A daily breakfast smoothie is perfect for when you are rushing out the door so there is no excuse to skip breakfast ever again!

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